The header does not have our logo and is a distraction from what matters today

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 08/01/2010 - 19:40.

This header does not have our logo and is a distraction from what matters today - Jeff - just trying to piss off lots of loyal Cleveland Ford fans visiting from to find Angel... and get people's minds off the real mess here.

Or is this about emissions from the Ford Plant killing people around there.

No logo - no relevance - we need standards for the headers and you know this does not meet the minimum...

You took my daughter and Cleveland's pollution crisis down for this. Time for the board meeting you've refused to have for like a year now.

The following header is appropriate - has the logo - has a standard word tag - and features a caring member's well-considered work in the community... Photo Credit to very active realNEO member Lily Miller - fast becoming one of our greatest photojournalists as well...

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Header power struggle

Please don't make the header a turf war...It's controlled by Norm Roulet and Jeff Buster...for folks who care to know.  Don't make it a control issue--you both post relevant material...

We are keeping to standards here

The header belongs to everybody and you have been featured as well. I just happen to build them most of the time.

We do not have a board and we have far passed any time frame that would make Jeff Buster board, officer or such - he refuses to attend a board meeting - time to move on without him... I'm not even pleased to have him as an admin... we'll discuss who should be admin and what they may do at the next Board Meeting.

We are keeping to standards here - I formed a tech advisory committee, remember

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Board meeting and tech meeting

I will just assume that we can all meet in person after the EPA hearing in August--

Let's hope that we can all agree on the coal plant issue and start discussion from our common ground there. 


I would love to all agree on the coal burning MCCO issue

I would love to all agree on the coal burning MCCO issue - I have no doubt in my mind coal burning in my backyard must stop

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real people on realneo

  Realneo is unique in that anyone can join, and posters are free to express pretty much anything but spam and illegal solicitations (i.e surf for a teen to exploit). Those posters get the boot as soon as we spot them.

Other than that, Norm can post away on the ill brought to you by the corporate mongering coal burning polluters that foul our air. Some are tacking ground water. Some want to tackle what is happening with the worms in Collinwood. A lot want to run for office, and some of us want to run certain officeholders to account.

We all want a voice, and we all want what is important to us to be respected in that space they we have posted on the realneo forum. There should not be jockeying on issues, and certainly not mocking when a posters gives a new header (which I like) with some thought behind why he took the pics. 

We are not limited to one or two issues on realneo.

I think that realneo is best when there are many contributors, many topics, and photos. Like a picnic table loaded with delights to choose from, you can consume what you want, and be happy. If you were only be served one bowl of corn, and told that this corn is the only food on that table, and it will be the only food allowed to be discussed, well, you might meander off someplace else.

The only way tech works is with standards

Jeff knows the header standards well... up to1000x250 with the logo - I've mentioned both matters to him before.

David Moss designed the layout and we have all agreed tokeep it as is until we all decide to change...

No changes to technology here at members' whim

And I have personal issues with Buster and that will show.

And, his lovely image is not gone... it is featured here... it just isn't made for the header

And if he has a point to this, put it on the home page.

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Here is the Tech Committee - get in touch

Here is the Tech Committee - get in touch -

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jedd b. are you a new-used car salesman also i wouldn't buy one

jedd b. are you a new-used car salesman also  i wouldn't buy one from you - you could sell anything to anyone - realneo-coop used and new cars for sale - jeff put some electric cars on the header - i 'm going to put a photo of sammy catania on the header

yogi and guy

Your pictures of Sammy were on the header

Your pictures of Sammy were on the header... followed by his friend Dorsey...

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  It's very much like the problem we face in NEO--constant need for control.  And men vying for power and attention.  REALNEO is very much NEO--we can do better :) 

This header is by a woman

This header is by a woman - actually, a lady.

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