GROW a HEAD-Earth Day 2011 in REALNEO :)

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 04/17/2011 - 15:22.

A great and beautiful day in NEO today--WINDY and SUNNY. 

Let's hope our leaders GROW a HEAD, or two :)

For more photos--please "LIKE" and follow the Garden Neighborhood of NEO--Brooklyn Centre.


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RTA Demonstration Project

These folks are planning a hydrogen fueling station somewhere in Cleveland (most likely Triskett Rd. RTA station).

Today's demonstration showed how water can be separated by electrolysis into hydrogen (fuel) and oxygen (byproduct).  The kids asked many interesting questions. Today's demonstration used solar energy, but the station will be on the grid.  Why??

Also, why not capture the oxygen by-product?  Why? Why not use energy driven by electrolysis to power homes, too?  So many questions!

With the availability of water in NEO--does it have to be clean water for electrolysis energy transfer stations?   And, why is this taking so long??

Case Western Reserve University held an Ohio Space Grant Symposium on energy in 2006.

Why are they not even partnering on this project??



Being NICE ;)



Great header...Norm. Nicholas Cage just got busted on some domestic violence charge.  Does this mean you two
were hanging out with each other this week??! 

On an unrelated note--feeling extremely cagey myself.  Just how stupid can we show ourselves to be on a world stage?:

That is Nicolas Cage in New Orleans

That is Nicolas Cage in New Orleans filming his new movie... actually, between takes. I like to be where the action is.

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