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 These photos were taken in Frostburg and Cumberland, Maryland. See:

Boy Scout Troop riding trail after camping at Trail Inn Frostburg MDPassengers boarding Scenic Railroad in Cumberland MD
Coal fired engine on turnabout in Frostburg MD
I find it so hard to believe that we can't replicate at least some of this energy in NEO.  Especially, as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, two Metrohealth campuses and other attractions should, and could, be so easily linked with signage and targeted investment. 

We have the opportunity to promote hiking, biking, train enthusiasm and local history, restaurant, retail and dramatic scenery.  Why is it so hard to make this happen HERE at the historic crossroads of the Wooster Turnpike and the Denison Indian Trail?

On the way, to Maryland--stopping at one of the newer Ohio Turnpike stops designed and built under Governor Taft, I was dismayed to see that of the available promotional material for NEO--the CLE+ magazine was outdated Fall/Winter 2010.  At least, the Cleveland Metroparks and Zoo material was current and well-presented. 

So, how much do we pay the Convention and Vistors Bureau to market NEO to families and tourists?  They would be well advised to fire their PR folks and work with the folks from Alleghany County, Maryland.

All Rights Reserved-Laura McShane

Need an incentive to consider relocating to Maryland?


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Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad to Downtown

The TRAIN and TRAIL make the Maryland Scenic Railroad Line work--this needs to be fast tracked in NEO.

The Scenic Railroad in Maryland transports thousands of folks each year. Passengers have the
option to go carless and take Amtrak trains from all over the Northeast and then have the option to bike or hike to Frostburg, Cumberland and Washington D.C, too.

The Casino in Cleveland does nothing for me, but at least let folks from Canton and Akron enjoy a ride
by train to Cleveland.  It doesn't have to belch coal like this one.

Professional and amateur photographers enjoy the scenery along the Great Allegheny Passage.

Instead--CLE+ vacation experience

expatclevguy March 04, 2011 at 10:26AM


My vacation in Cleveland: First I visited the glamorous casino, then I had a little picnic lunch right outside the casino (between a new Chevy Cobalt & a Dodge Voyager - Totally awesome!).

After that I went to Public Square to enjoy the view of so much unique Cleveland-style parking. Amazing - it was totally everywhere - So cool! I was able to see parking lots from the casino lots all the way across Public Square to West 3rd Street.

Then I parked my car here and there. Then I sat in my car for a while and listened to the radio as I watched other people park their cars. Then I drove away 'cause there was nothing else to see, except more parking lots. But it was kind'a nice, I guess.



Jay Miller article in Crain's Cleveland on deplorable state of West 25th/Pearl Corridor that connects West Side Market, Metrohealth, Metroparks Zoo--our "Scenic" byway.

Community leaders eye a quick cleanup on West 25th Street

JASON MILLER PHOTOS Community leaders hope to spark growth along the West 25th Street corridor, similar to that in the Detroit-Shoreway and Midtown areas.

4:30 am, April 25, 2011

Along with employers, they're strategizing on how to revitalize corridor between zoo, market


Pearl Road Corridor Plans, Strategies, and Development

There are only so many "PROPERTY OWNERS & BUSINESS OWNERS" Between the Zoo and the Market. When "they" (these people above) begin to make such large plans for the future of the other people who are "VESTED" in these they actually incorporate those property owners into their plans? 

Are the actual property owners being invited, participating, or being notified about all these plans, development, and strategies? Or are their "public notices" published in the Daily Legal News to be found when it's all too late so that the "in the know" folks can do as they wish without rebuttles from the owners in that area?

I have met with business owners in that corridor who are TOTALLY UNAWARE OF ANYTHING THAT IS CURRENTLY GOING on with any planning or development in that area. They are simply doing business as usual at this stage.

I wish the best for the future of the West 25th Street Corridor projects; yet I wish that there was much more direct, considerate, and interactive involvement with the actual vested owners at this stage... (Ultimately, I see more Giglio'ing going on in this neck of the woods too....)



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