Ginny Wojno

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Ginny Wojno

Case 15-045 and 15-046: Brooklyn Centre Historic District (Approved 7-9-15)

Art House Wirth House 3119 Denison Avenue, Belz House 3201 Denison Avenue


Ward 12: Brancatelli

Project Representatives: Laila Voss, Adam Stalder Art House

Update - lost opportunity for Art House

SEE HOW Akron SAVED their history :

THANK YOU Ginny Wojno - you inspire me!


Art House can not do anything with a mobster councilman like Tony Brancatelli - how the City of Cleveland decertified or wited out what is essentially federal monies that were misused to buy real estate is beyond me, but this is CLE folks.  Sickening :


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At this point, any action taken by Art House is considered to be private and not a federal undertaking. The City decertified the funds that had been encumbered for the Art House expansion/rehabilitation project in December of 2013.


Per 24 CFR 570.503(b)(7)a., property acquired in whole or in part with CDBG funds that is within a subrecipient’s control, must “be used by the subrecipient to continue to meet one of the CDBG program’s national objectives for at least 5 years after the expiration of the subrecipient agreement (or a longer time as specified by the grantee in the subrecipient agreement).


Since the Art House contract and associated CDBG funds were decertified more than 5 years ago, and its contract with the City stipulated that programming must be carried out “for at least five years following the date of the final disbursement of Grant funds,” there are no federal requirements for continuation of services or requirements on the use of the property still in place, therefore, no Section 106 review will be conducted for the proposed demolitions.


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Daniel A. Musson

Project Manager/Compliance Officer

Department of Community Development

City of Cleveland



DSCDO who stole the marble fireplace out of Wirth House??

 Some one pulled out the marble fireplace at Wirth this point - all WE as residents can do is make sure that Tony Brancatelli NEVER holds any public office again.  He is beyond despicable.

Ginny Wojno interview 2008 -CSU please correct her name


Virginia B. Wonjo Forney discusses the recent history of Mustill House and Store at Cascade Locks Park.

Code 517050 Subject Wonjo Date 6/23/2008 Interviewer Michael King Special Notes with Tim Gallagher minutes: 0 Virginia Wonjo Forno bn. Yonkers NY. Graduated from Shaker HS, Kent State. Met married Walter Wonjo 1 Pete Ramnitz wanted to sell Mustill House and Store, Created-Sell Mustill House Committee 2 Stan Martin, Group wrote personal checks to buy property, Jim Alkine convinced Akron to buy property from group 3 Lock 15 4 formed committee to develop house 5 luncheon to kick-off project-Seiberling, Deboo, etc 6 Seiberling & Deboo joined committee. Cascade Locks Park Association 7 Smith, Parker, Coplan wrote Master Plan 8 develop little parks, recreate village 9 Agie Russell-Painted Lady house (destroyed by arson), fix Mustill, raise $1 million 10 opinions on store 11 "Whats ahead" idea 12 3 employees equals success, friendly group, perception was biggest hurdle 13 Howard Street-"nice people don't go there" 14 GAR Foundation 15 300 members, 15 member board, growing group, Phil January 16 "restore" Schumacher Mill and Wheel 17 Chuck Ayers designed wheel. Park wheel ideas. 18 "Wheel will become symbol of Akron." Didn't really think anything was going to happen. 19 bringing heritage back 20 21 Rosemary Raymond -actress-Mrs. Mustill 22 Mrs. Mustill comes to life 23 general store of ole, knowing people, back to basics 24 living history-creates connectivity 25 project is neverending 26 bring house as part of campus, Jenny Vasserelli 27 students are key 28 Goodyear competes for dollars 29 Pat Raymond-"5 fanatics" 30 opening of Store 7/2000 31 32 political Saavy 33 dedication 34 Be able to have financing-very important. Most rewarding project of her life. 35 role of president