Gilbert Creates Jobs in Cleveland - but who pays the salary?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 11/06/2009 - 22:02.

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Roldo knows.   

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Did you forget the link in

Did you forget the link in this post?

What link did you have in mind?

The police and traffic controllers around the corporate venues in downtown cleveland get paid. Yes? Link me up to who provides their pay checks. best, jeffb

will get link for theo669

 Hello Theo669,  Sorry I didn't pick up on what you probably meant.   I will get a link to Roldo's reports describing that the City of Cleveland pays for the police that patrol for the corporate "sports" racket. 

I am familiar with the construction business, and if you need a construction police detail - say you want to operate a crane from a public way - and might interfer with traffic - the usual protocol is that the private contractor would need to pay a minimum of at least a half day for a police officer detail. 

If, however, your business operation is the Cavs, the City of Cleveland taxpayers pay for the police. 

It seems to me that  the private for profit business which  creates the need for the police details should also be responsible to pay the salaries of those police.

best, jeffb

I know that Mayor Michael

I know that Mayor Michael White made a deal with Dick Jacobs to provide, I believe, 50 extra police officers whenever Jacobs Field drew more than 35,000 people. Council ratified the deal. We know that for 420 games Jacobs field was a sell-out, so the requirement had to be met. Around that time I checked and was told that fewer than the required police officers were actually being assigned. I believe it was 38.

I don't remember the same deal being made with the Gunds, who ran the arena before Dan Gilbert bought them out for $300 million plus. But I'm sure that Gilbert and downtown get better service from the Cleveland Police Dept. than many neighborhoods.

The fact that the police organization did ads for the casino tells us that they expect part-time security jobs to go to them if the casino is built.

So the combination of off-duty and on-duty police at sports events suggest that the rest of the city does without - but we knew that, didn't we?