Fukushima Daiichi reactors 4,3.2 (not yet exploded),1 aerial image from Digital Global

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image from digital global

The Fukushima emergency is almost over because there is not much left for anyone to do.   With the visible damage to reactors (from left) 4,3, and 1(on right) it is clear that the upperreactor buildings are completely wasted.  The idea that a small crew of 50 or so do or die workers remaining on site will be able to manage much is not realistic.   If you look closely at the original image on Digital Globe, you can see tsunami damage on the sea side of the buildings.


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Japan nuclear crisis escalates

Russia offering what the USA should be, alot of help to JAPAN

Russia to help Japan in 'worst crisis since WW2'

as nuke disaster looms



and this, from a concerned Citizen of the USA ----copy--- http://rightbias.com/News/031411america.aspx



  Embarrassed To Be American
Nancy Morgan
March 15, 2011

For the first time in my life, I'm embarrassed to be an American.
Last weekend, as tens of thousands of Japanese were fighting for their lives after an 8.9 earthquake devastated their nation, our President, after giving a generic "We're with you" statement, remained noticeably absent.
Not really absent - Obama could be found on the golf course Saturday afternoon.
As a Japanese nuclear reactor melted down and threatened a catastrophe of biblical proportions, Obama was otherwise engaged Saturday night, having a rollicking good time at Washington D.C.'s annual Gridiron Dinner. Joking with journalists.
There is something quite shameful about watching our President attending a dress-up dinner, trolling for laughs, as one of America's allies struggles for life. I'm embarrassed for America, and I send my personal apologies to the Japanese people for the insensitivity of our President.
As the turmoil in Libya continues to escalate, threatening severe geopolitical consequences, it is France (France?) that has filled the global leadership void by proposing a no-fly zone over Libya. What is the President of the free world doing? During his Saturday afternoon radio address to the nation, Obama was busy lecturing Americans about the role of women. And writing an op-ed about the virtues of gun control.
Obama did take the time to give his blessing to a call by the Arab League for a UN no-fly zone over Libya. Obama called it an "important step." This, as government tanks continued to pound Libyan protesters. I'm embarrassed that, under Obama, America is becoming comfortable following world events instead of shaping them.

Obama has clearly signaled that he is content to leave America's fate in the hands of the United Nations. He seems to believe that a global consensus should trump American sovereignty. For Obama, this relieves him of the need to make the tough decisions usually required by American presidents. For the rest of the world, Obama's actions and lack of actions signal weakness. And Obama has never learned the basic lesson that weakness does not appease, it emboldens.
I'm embarrassed that America's president has chosen to punt on every recent issue of importance - from Libya to Egypt to the economy. As Obama sits firmly on the fence, refusing to make any decision that might impact him unfavorably, 3rd world countries, Islamic fanatics and France scramble to fill the world leadership vacuum. America is AWOL - seemingly more concerned with fat poor people than with events that threaten to permanently undermine US influence around the globe.
The ramifications of U.S. abdication of leadership on the world stage will have severe consequences. These consequences will apply to conservatives and leftists alike as, more and more, America's autonomy will be held hostage to terrorist nations that supply us oil, and to China, who now holds about 30% of our debt.

Obama's policy of dissing our allies and kowtowing to our enemies is not leadership. It is folly. A folly that has the implicit endorsement of the American people, who willingly elected Obama as their representative.

I'm embarrassed that America, under Obama, has chosen to bury our head in the sand. I'm mortified that the priorities of our president are so puerile. And I'm shamed that America, under Obama, is acting more like a global lap-dog than as one of the world's remaining superpowers.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

Article may be reprinted, with attribution
This article was first published in American Thinker, March 14, 2011


This is much like the 9 days he didn't address the Gulf tragic oil spills as well. Terrible, Betty




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Follow latest updates at http://twitter.com/rt_com and http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Moscow is promising to do its best to help Tokyo with the crisis. Having dealt with the world's worst nuclear disaster - Chernobyl - Russia has vital experience in this area.





not one word on topic, tisk tisk - It is about JAPAN

Child, please!  It's (thread in case you forgot) about Japan, remember?

----copy-- The United States showed increasing alarm about Japan's nuclear crisis on Wednesday and urged its citizens to stay clear of an earthquake-crippled power plant, going further in its warnings than Japan itself. "The State Department strongly urges U.S. citizens to defer travel to Japan at this time and those in Japan should consider departing," it said.

 BREAKING: Obama Orders Americans to EVACUATE JAPAN - Way too late- Notes
(1) THEY KNEW it was a class 7 nuclear event ever since the tsunami hit, March 11, since the rods of reactor 4 were in maintenance and begun immediately contaminating the air.
Yet the PTB told everyone- everything was under control. It took almost five days and four explosions at the other three reactors, and the begin of the fire at #4, for the illuminati to reveal what the rods status of reactor #4 was.


Australia too.

Germany does yesterday

MAP OF THE DAY: Americans Within 50 Miles Of

Fukushima Should Evacuate

These areas are on radiation watch. Note how close it is to Tokyo.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/map-of-radiation-in-japan-2011-3#ixzz1GrfC2UG9


World On Fire: President Obama is taping his NCAA picks today ...


Mar 15, 2011 ... World On Fire:  YET    
 PRESIDENT OBAMA is taping his NCAA picks today, and they'll be revealed ...
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"The Ways Of Obama Are Above Us" (NOT! He just parties, brews beer and golfs....oh yeah and those fancy vacations. Livin' it up while there is crises after crises. He sure has made this country a better place huh?)  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/03/16/rush_limbaugh_the_ways_of_obama_are_above_us.html

"For the last two days, the big news about Obama has been bullies and basketball games and golf courses and dinner and jokes with his media buddies. He doesn't even -- he's talking people, he's talking events, he doesn't talk about ideas, they're beneath him, of course," Rush Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated show today.
It (evacuation) went from 12 miles, now to 50, and IMO that sure isn't even far enough!

Obama looks more gimpy than Gipper becasue of his lack of action the day of the tragic event, not 5 days or 9 days later, Groan, Betty

The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?




Fear of Japan's nuclear crisis far exceeds actual risks...

Fear of Japan's nuclear crisis far exceeds actual risks, say scientists

This is to be expected:


Remember, trust the experts whose livelyhood depends on a flawed technology.

One of the problems with this article is that it does not mention that the spent fuel rods that are boiling the water out of their containment pools do not have a hardened containment structure around them. Only a shed like structure covers these, and I understand that in some cases with the Japanese nuclear plants, these sheds have been violated by explosions. I've read that that once the spent fuels starts burining, it may be impossible to stop the conflagration.

update on serious effects and Japan's woes are the worlds




URGENT: Japan now admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's/Day and West coast Radiation forecast,Part1

-----Uploaded by connectingdots1 on Apr 24, 2011

Click on "Show more" for links to stories,please read and share the info! "Radiation is cumulative & much more dangerous when it is ingested than when it is outside of you" "|Japan admits daily radioactive release from Fukushima at 154 trillion Becquerels, many times higher than previously announced — Nuclear commission blames calculation error"

"FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs
Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide"

"Radiation is cumulative is much more dangerous when it is ingested than when it is outside of you,radiation falling with rain can cover grass that is eaten by cows and other animals. It can also fall on food crops or contaminate reservoirs that are used for irrigation or drinking water."

HERE IS THE MOVING MAP >>>> Scroll over to navigate in time
"Fukushima Radiation Fallout potential forecast map"

News & Politics[//]



a bitter pill! Betty

he problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?