Is Evacuating Cleveland of residents - ACTUALLY GOOD financially for the municipal burearocracy AND large business?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 20:49.

 As I age

 I try to force myself - on every issue (on multiple levels) - to think backward - to think upside down. To think like I was crazy. To think like I was evil minded. To think like I was rational and above it all . To not think and jerk my knee.   OUT OF THE BOX!!!   What's the answer?.... 

The City of Cleveland gets only about 7% of its income from property taxes.  This relevation came to me from Bloomburg's Business Week and is copied below

"Only about 7 percent of Cleveland’s budget comes from property taxes, and with income-tax collections exceeding projections by 4 percent this year, a property-value decline shouldn’t be a major blow for the city, said Finance Director Sharon Dumas. School districts that are more dependent on property taxes could feel a sharper pinch, she said"


Reading this I had a morbid epiphany:   Cleveland's municipal bureaucracy promoters recognize that the Friday paychecks are more secure  with fewer citizens living in Cleveland.  Isn't this what the Greater Cleveland Partnership recognizes too? And the Downtown Cleveland Alliance? and the Cleveland Foundation?

Fewer kids in Cleveland Schools -  is a BEAUTIFUL THING!   In a decade we've been able to cut the enrollment almost in half!  70k to 40k!  

Those foreclosures and wholesale neighborhood home demolitions?   Well what do you think?   If those homeowners are only providing 7% of the municipal revenue - and they vote, and they need police, school, fire, and trash pick-up - then the math is simple.


And so the County Land Bank comes along = vacant fields - we love them - TRUE GREEN!


There is a city in Southern California called City of Industry .   The City is all industrial.   It has only about 200 residents.   So all those services - libraries, parks, police for domestic disputes, schools for kindergarten kids - the City of Industry does not need or have  - and doesn't need any money to fund them. 



  Image from Street Conversations with Reza 2007


Man, call me crazy, but  Cleveland appears headed INTENTIONALLY  towards being a City of Industry.   Who is orchestrating this?

Would Joe Roman complain?  Would Ronn Richard complain?  Would Jim Rokakis and the "Land BanK" complain?

Would Forest City folks complain?


Too many rats in Public Square anyway...

Home Harvesting in Cleveland - smart move.

'bout time NEO got it's act together...

Check out the City of Industry's web site:   it's pretty simple - just business, no resident's nonesense.

Man, this is way beyond the Tea Party!

(PS:   I'd feel better if my maturing theory is all wet - all wrong - so log on and explain my misunderstanding...)


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What "Misunderstanding?"

Sounds like you hit the nail on the head.... 


Only problem....less folks = less quotas= less federal funds to run balance that "fiscal budget"..... Where does the other 93% come from? 


Cleveland Central Park........the 2020/2025 vision for Cleveland.......Just visit the master plans for the future....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Unchecked POWER

Funny how CLE folk will get their panties in a bunch over plastic bags, but won't bother to speak out against wholesale ethnic cleansing and million $$$  swindle of the taxpayer--courtesy of the land bank bunch:

countyinsider August 27, 2011 at 4:14PM


"I know with speaking with Jim Rokakis, it's a cleaner way to do it," Welo said. "We're constantly evolving. Any time we thought something could work better in a new disaster, that's what we did." Jim Rokakis has a cleaner way to do it??????? You must be joking! Jimmy "the creep" Rokakis does not know a clean way to do anything. That is why they are in this mess in the first place. The Land Bank is destroying the neighborhoods of Cleveland. And the Creep and his cronies are laughing all the way to the Bank.

onionhead2606 August 27, 2011 at 4:32PM


Countyinsider, you don't have a clue to the value of the County land bank. The CCLRC has taken foreclosed and abandoned properties throughout the County and either demolishing, selling or rehabbing the properties. Tell me in your infinite wisdom how that is destroying the neighborhoods of Cleveland? I want cold hard facts not just your 'theories' and babble.

Cuyahoga Avenger August 27, 2011 at 7:46PM


"We [land bank] don’t share our bank account or employees with the county."
-Georgine Welo, The Queen Of Transparency
Cleveland Plain Dealer Aug 4, 2011

Yeah, just give her whatever she wants and shut up. Two of everything. Just don't ask to see the books.

Right, Georgie Girl ?



Just another Dem slush fund . Hold the banks or Fannie/Freddie accountable for the properties they own and neglect. Why are we taking money FROM schools to pay for this garbage ?

bopdoowop August 27, 2011 at 11:32PM


What exactly is the county and taxpayers getting for all this funding being diverted from schools, libraries, and municipalities? I mean, another article indicated they have only demolished about 300 properties county-wide in 2 years. That's not exactly earthshattering.

I smell a boon doggle in the making. Lots of money, speculation, sweetheart deals with realtors, and a whole lot of letture patches and little else.

Unless they have a game plan for how $7 million is going to be spent, where, and why I don't think they should be guaranteed any sum certain each year. No other agency is guaranteed the same funding every year, are they?

budgetcop August 28, 2011 at 2:58AM


If they are paying "land bank spokeswoman Mary Anne Sharkey" one thin dime, I want my money back.

The ability of these goofball retreads to keep resurfacing is amazing.

clevegirl123 August 28, 2011 at 1:40PM


They had a land bank years ago (in the '80s/'90s?) that revitalized neighborhoods for a while- only without a 7 mil budget so there may be potential to do some real good on a larger scale. However, there has been too much abuse to take it at face value. If the acency refuses to provide accountability/transparency, it shouldn't see a single dime. If Georgine Welo, or any of the hacks mentioned in this article (sadly, all mentioned are hacks,) can't comprehend the need to clearly outline their intentions with the funds - and open the books - then they need to find jobs in the private sector.



banneduser August 28, 2011 at 2:46PM


County Insider--this is as slimy as it gets. Rokakis buddy Gus Frangos is the ultimate carpetbagger--running the Cuyahoga County Landbank when he does not even live in Cuyahoga County. The paper even announces how fishy this whole restructuring is new funding formula that would guarantee the agency $7 million a year and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually., yet provides no explanation or breakdown. This is reporting



Gosh, Cuyahoga a problem??....Just Ask Jim!!! Yeah...he'll fix it alright...