Coughlin admits he was never going to sue Scene Magazine over SEXYTIME story

Submitted by Tim Russo on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 11:26. his own motion to dismiss the case fired Scene reporter James Renner filed against him.  Only at BLACKHEARTCleveland.

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Craig's list vs South Carolina similar to Renner case

Without reading the Complaint, I am asuming from a review of Coughlin's motion to dismiss, that Mr. Renner's request for declaratory judgment is similar to CraigList suing the South Carolina AG - where Craig's List sought and obtained  a federal restraining order against the AG.

Because threats to sue - before publication - for defamation  have the clear intent to chill freedom of the press, I don't agree with Cougnlin that there is no dispute or issue.   The active issue is did Coughlin attempt to use the theat of a groundless lawsuit to chill Renner's right to freedom of press/speach?