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Below is a list of names and the links found on the Cleveland Police Department Website of the Missing Persons in Cleveland, Ohio. The link has photos but more photos are needed. Thanks a million for everyone's continued vigilance and help in finding these girls. It is unbelievable that these people cannot be found after years...but it's time to map this out Cleveland and find our people. The police keep saying that they won't map it out geographically because they want to respect the privacy of the families....but we need to find our citizens.....prayerfully alive!!! First Name Last Name Days Missing Age City Last Seen District Date Last Seen Stephon Fisher 2 15 Cleveland 2 05/08/2013 Amanda Sims 2 30 Cleveland 1 05/08/2013 Rionna Sibbley-Martin 4 15 Cleveland 5 05/06/2013 Tomario McCutcheon 5 17 Cleveland 1 05/05/2013 Matthew Young 6 13 Cleveland 1 05/04/2013 Kathryn Hall 7 15 Cleveland 4 05/03/2013 Harold Kraker 7 64 Cleveland 5 05/03/2013 Melissa Hurt 8 36 Cleveland 5 05/02/2013 Tabitha Gurka 8 17 Cleveland 2 05/02/2013 Otis Morman 9 56 Cleveland 4 05/01/2013 Leon Ross III 10 15 Cleveland 5 04/30/2013 Cory Shelton 11 35 Cleveland 2 04/29/2013 Jerry Burchett 12 50 Cleveland 3 04/28/2013 Timothy Heitz 12 17 Cleveland 1 04/28/2013 Perry Phillip 13 59 Cleveland 1 04/27/2013 Christina Johnson 14 37 Cleveland 5 04/26/2013 Diana Peraza 14 15 Cleveland 1 04/26/2013 William Thorpe Jr. 16 28 Cleveland 4 04/24/2013 Janee Ladd 22 14 Cleveland 4 04/18/2013 Odell Williams 33 18 Cleveland 5 04/07/2013 Katelyn Kerg 34 17 Cleveland 4 04/06/2013 Jonathan Torres 35 24 Cleveland 2 04/05/2013 Tamara Hagler 38 14 Cleveland 4 04/02/2013 Joseph Dolovacky 39 53 Cleveland 4 04/01/2013 Jazsmyne Bowman 43 17 Cleveland 3 03/28/2013 Tamara Wilson 45 16 Cleveland 4 03/26/2013 Kaylynn Williams 47 17 Cleveland 4 03/24/2013 Riaunna Green 49 16 Cleveland 5 03/22/2013 Jonnie Smith 49 48 Cleveland 5 03/22/2013 Greyshlianne Lopez 53 16 Cleveland 2 03/18/2013 Zachary Johnson 56 28 Cleveland 2 03/15/2013 Diamond Jacobs 56 17 Cleveland 1 03/15/2013 Tashyrah Johnson 57 16 Cleveland 5 03/14/2013 Mario Butler 60 18 Cleveland 1 03/11/2013 Marc RiverA II 63 15 Cleveland 2 03/08/2013 Carlton Miller 68 54 Cleveland 5 03/03/2013 Tony Smith 70 30 Cleveland 1 03/01/2013 Jerronda McCoy 72 15 Cleveland 4 02/27/2013 Clyde Perry 72 26 Cleveland 2 02/27/2013 Nijitra Poole 75 15 Cleveland 4 02/24/2013 Anjanee Martin 75 16 Cleveland 5 02/24/2013 Rodney Jones 79 27 Cleveland 3 02/20/2013 Clinton Crankfield 82 66 Cleveland 4 02/17/2013 Detra Adams 84 18 Cleveland 3 02/15/2013 Rasheba Foster-Henry 90 15 Cleveland 4 02/09/2013 Shawdale Harris 94 42 Cleveland 4 02/05/2013 Anthony Johnson 98 28 Cleveland 3 02/01/2013 Mateo Watkins 101 17 Cleveland 4 01/29/2013 Cassandra Ramos 104 17 Cleveland 2 01/26/2013 Delecta Whitehead 104 20 Cleveland 2 01/26/2013 Christopher Edmonson Jr. 106 20 Cleveland 3 01/24/2013 Demario Jones 108 16 Cleveland 4 01/22/2013 Janayle Little 117 15 Cleveland 4 01/13/2013 Jermaine Eggleton 119 18 Cleveland 4 01/11/2013 Keith Carter 133 65 Cleveland 3 12/28/2012 Dajane Jones 134 17 Cleveland 1 12/27/2012 Dwjuam Parham 137 18 Cleveland 2 12/24/2012 Tanetta Greathouse 152 17 Cleveland 2 12/09/2012 Correa Aaron 160 38 Cleveland 2 12/01/2012 Miranda Jones 175 16 Cleveland 5 11/16/2012 Raji Carter 178 18 Cleveland 4 11/13/2012 Camrym Foster 181 19 Cleveland 3 11/10/2012 Nancy Oliver 184 16 Cleveland 3 11/07/2012 Dolaire Coffie 195 18 Cleveland 2 10/27/2012 Justin Burriss 199 15 Cleveland 3 10/23/2012 Salishya Bryant 205 6 Cleveland 2 10/17/2012 Kathy banks 207 44 Cleveland 3 10/15/2012 Angela Winkfield 215 18 Cleveland 2 10/07/2012 Marie Hullum 219 59 Cleveland 2 10/03/2012 Angelique Adames 219 17 Cleveland 2 10/03/2012 Jessica Cochran 226 18 Cleveland 3 09/26/2012 Damon Berry 234 18 Cleveland 3 09/18/2012 Sandra Cotton 238 61 Cleveland 4 09/14/2012 JoAnn Baker 253 63 Cleveland 2 08/30/2012 Minerva Tripp 255 43 Cleveland 2 08/28/2012 Delontae Phillips 281 18 Cleveland 5 08/02/2012 Lennon Holland 283 45 Cleveland 3 07/31/2012 Demetrius Brown-Tyler 315 16 Cleveland 3 06/29/2012 Allante Jefferson 339 18 Cleveland 3 06/05/2012 Chassidy Johnson 378 19 Cleveland 3 04/27/2012 Nicarius Wooden 421 17 Cleveland 3 03/15/2012 Christina Kleckner 587 26 Cleveland 2 10/01/2011 Vanessa Stewart-Safos 587 19 Cleveland 3 10/01/2011 Alicia Rosemond 672 18 Cleveland 3 07/08/2011 Jacqueline Waters 672 19 Cleveland 3 07/08/2011 Richard Peebles 861 45 Cleveland 2 12/31/2010 Kenneth Lewis 940 19 Cleveland 2 10/13/2010 Dennis Foster 982 57 Cleveland 3 09/01/2010 James Korzun 1579 46 Cleveland 2 01/12/2009 Harold Mathenay 1629 63 Cleveland 3 11/23/2008 Carla Bereford 1830 43 Cleveland 2 05/06/2008 Ashok Ankam 1912 33 Cleveland 3 02/14/2008 Ashley Summers 2130 17 Cleveland 1 07/11/2007 Gloria Walker 2182 53 Cleveland 3 05/20/2007 Kejuan Sarter 2335 30 Cleveland 5 12/18/2006 Herbert Allen 2360 85 Cleveland 5 11/23/2006 Oliver Klar 2585 46 Cleveland 5 04/12/2006 Noel Morris 3866 54 Cleveland 2 10/09/2002 Jonni Perkins 4366 50 Cleveland 3 05/27/2001 Odell Williams 6581 18 Cleveland 5 05/04/1995 Christina Adkins 6693 37 Cleveland 2 01/12/1995 Cleveland Police Missing Persons Regional Fusion Center & Cleveland Police . Northeast Ohio Missing Persons Database . 216-664-4477 l Email: Helpfindthemissing [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us CPD Crime Analysis Unit New Missing Persons Website City of Cleveland Missing Persons Report Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of any of the missing persons listed in the above report is asked to contact the Cleveland Division of Police at 216.621.1234. All information contained in this report is public record and made available solely to aid the public. Information contained in this report reflects data in the Cleveland Police Records Management System at the time of report production. Because information can change quickly, and there may be gaps in data received, the City of Cleveland Division of Police makes no representation, either express or implied, that the information in this report is complete or accurate.

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Photos NEEDED - just as with Michelle Knight

Amanda Simms MISSINGTomaro McCutcheon MISSINGKathryn Hall MISSINGCory Shelton MISSINGPerry Phillip MISSINGOtis Morman MISSING

More Photos -More MISSING persons-properties have name

William Thorpe Jr MISSINGJanee Ladd
Katelyn Kerg MISSINGTamara Hagler MISSING

Joseph Dolovacky MISSINGJazsmyne Bowman

Tamara Wilson MISSINGJonnie Smith MISSING


Is social media the only way to solve crime? Missing Persons?

We can harness Internet for good and here's hoping that REALNEO readers will post their alerts here and link to Facebook and link to Twitter and will use whatever means to find our missing family members:

Turns out Cuyahoga County "piggybacks" their database off of the City of Cleveland's website -today CLE lists 87 missing persons and Cuyahoga County lists 192 -so which is it - and why--when I call to inquire about the welfare of a missing person - am I treated with suspicion for even caring??  I have been staring at Alyssa's face for a month now - posted throughout my neighborhood.   Today, I took the time to find out the status.  I have tried to see if she was listed as missing on FB (not to my knowledge) and I have asked kids about her.


Here is the case file for Alyssa Johnson in the CLE Regional database - she is still listed but shadowed - the case is closed - verified by a CPD officer who closes the case when he sees the missing person in person.  I called the Cuyahoga County number first - 216-623-5118, which, it turns out was a total waste of time.  I was put in voice mail.  So then I revisited Dianna Hill's REALNEO post about missing persons and was directed to a second site - to check -  Regional Fusion Center & Cleveland Police 

Northeast Ohio Missing Persons Database

216-664-4477    l   Email: Helpfindthemissing [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us

 At least CLE site - seems to provide a live person to answer phone calls and has the database coded for Amber Alerts - the woman who answered at the Regional Fusion Center looked up Alyssa Johnson's case number and was able to give me the status - closed.

The question I have today would be: Why are we maintaining a separate and inaccurate database?? see below: you are the PROBLEM has deleted my two comments so far to this post that posits that we should talk to our CDCs. I am sick of talking to the CDCs, sick of meetings, sick of nothing being done. And, dammit - my neighborhood has nothing to do with the street in the kidnappings. If anything Tremont West does...but I don't blame them either.

Time to stop talking about the old days and actually be a better neighbor: Margaret Bernstein As so many people have said this week, it's time for everyone to step out of their homes and get to know their neighbors. Columnist Margaret Bernstein offers resources and advice.

Renate Jakupca: You have to understand Laura that the Syndicate employs IT people to 'clean up their reputation on the internet'. Tag and keyword 'Alerts' on search engines signal them when there is a transgression anywhere on the internet . They then have several methods of removing them ..... including paying a website host to delete the comments or postings. The old saying that 'whatever you post on the internet is there forever' is no longer true.

Laura McShane: Here's excerpt from story in PD: The aunt knew an attorney who knew a second attorney who had referred her to Baeppler. Could he help? Baeppler quoted the aunt his rates: $150 an hour for database searching, $100 an hour plus expenses for field work. She said she would have to check her niece's parents and call him back. Baeppler, 40, who's a sergeant with the Cleveland police department, comes from a police family. His father, Gregory Michael Baeppler, is a former Cleveland police commander and now the safety director in Parma. The son is a Cleveland police sergeant with 16 years on the job. He moonlights as an investigator for Integrity Investigations, which he founded in 2004. 

Laura McShane:

Cleveland investigator solves case, reunites daughter with family Cleveland-based investigator Paul Baeppler knew ...

Laura McShane: PD reporters have blood on their hands and complicity with corruption in NEO that looks the other way as human trafficking goes on and telling me to work with my CDC - sick. First off, the story doesn't take place in my neighborhood and wants to distance the damn thing from Tremont - service area for the street...and second of all, CDCs suck dollars from projects that could help my neighborhood - could keep kids engaged afterschool and keep them from wandering around like lost sheep.

Ohio Communities United will hold a press conference 5/14

Ohio Communities United will hold a press conference in front of the Jane Edna Hunter Building on Tuesday May 14, 2013. The organization's concerns are that Michelle Knight was an abused child and that her child was removed from her care prior to her abduction at the hands of Ariel Castro. The worker for Michelle was able to convince the Police, her family, and her child that she had "run-away" and abandoned her child. We have been waiting patiently to hear from the county as to whether they have the intent to at minimum reunite this young woman with her child. We understand that these are extinuating circumstances but we also believe that an unprecendented move on behalf of the county is warranted.

We believe that to begin to help heal this young woman and her child that the Department of Children and Family Services should bring this mother and child together to dispell the belief that she abandoned him.

We will be holding a Press Conference at 10:00 am in front of the Jane Edna Hunter Building. Please find a copy of the letter sent to the following individuals:

Ed Fitzgerald

Rick Werner

Pat Rideout

Dan Brady

Yvonne Conwell

Pernell Jones

Dave Greenspan

Dale Miller

For follow up question please feel free to call Mariah Crenshaw, Lady Chair 216-240-5669 Ohio Communities United

Service Nightmares need stopped: UNITE and communicate

Ultimately in Keeping it simple....

You have HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF REINVENTED WHEELS...some are squares, some are diamonds, some are round and most are flat!!!!

There are so many countless agencies working to use the people as quotas and driving federal tax dollars to pay administrative staff which would make normal folks heads spin. The bottom line: LIKE THE MILITARY: these agencies need to have a chain of command; communication requirements; information sharing; and dissemination protocols. THIS IS WHY THE ENEMY ALWAYS HAS OUR INFORMATION: THE WORLD REFUSES TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY and NO ONE TRUSTS THE NEXT TEAM PLAYERS...and more than all above: The people in charge are starching their collars for good photo ops....while the little people are languishing in devastating circumstances....

REDUCE THE CHAOS in this town: RUN IT IN A MORE MILITARY FORMAT: FOR NOW; it's still running in circles like the Romper room playroom spinning mirror!

Always Appreciative,

Ashley Leszyeski Missing from Slavic Village area

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Department is turning to the public for help in finding a missing 21-year-old woman.

Relatives filed a police report on May 15 for Ashley Leszyeski.

Ashley's mother told police she last saw her daughter on May 6.

A one-year-old child of Ashley's initially listed as missing in the report was located later in the care of a relative.

The Cleveland Division of Police is asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ashley Leszyeski contact the 4th District Detective Bureau at 216.623.5418 or 216.623.5400.

Raina Bennett- NEO is $#@ up

Here is a faded photo of Raina Bennett whose image still appears on telephone pole on Clark and West 48th St.  Raina disappeared and was quickly found in company of not-so great folks who thought she was much older than her twelve years.  I spoke with reporter Rachel Dissell at the Plain Dealer.  I hope that there is a follow-up and that Plain Dealer doesn't just move on to the problem we have in ALL of NEO for keeping young people engaged in healthy activities.  The lure of sex (and drugs) is a rite of passage. How do we make kids understand their sexuality and find healthy outlets for their new selves.  We are fortunate in Brooklyn Centre neighborhood, because Valerie Salstrom has worked to create healthy option with Junior Jitterbugs.  We need so much more.

(note see - image we cultivate in young women at wkyc site)


Update 2/25/2014 Raina Bennett is missing again - what is going on here???!!  Why is a thirteen year old girl being groomed for a life in the sex trade industry ???


MISSING PERSONS - Find Tierra Bryant

It is very disturbing that this young girl has been missing since March 30th w/ no resolution - she lived and worked on near west side of Cleveland at Wendy's on W. 25th


On the FB page - it indicates that she was last seen at a motel in Middleburg Heights with a man ( have there been no updates? Who provided this information to family since she lived in Cleveland?)

Here is some useful information posted to the FB feed:

The Ohio Missing Persons website posts cases that meet the following criteria:

• The person has been reported missing to a law enforcement agency and the law enforcement agency has entered the missing person into the National Crime Information Center database; and
• They are a missing child who is 17 years of age or younger; or
• They are a missing adult between the ages of 18-21; or
• They are a missing person 22 years of age or older who is suspected by law enforcement of being endangered or the victim of criminal activity; and
• The child or adult is missing from Ohio; or
• The child or adult is missing from another state or country, but believed to be in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Missing Adult Alerts- An alert system to quickly notify the public and media outlets about endangered missing adults, age 65 or older, or those with mental impairments.
o Twitter:
o Facebook:

Let’s Bring Them Home operates a national missing adults program: providing services and coordination between various government agencies, law enforcement, media, and the families of endangered missing adults, as well as safety education for all ages. (formerly known as the National Center for Missing Adults)

NAMUS- the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) is a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons and unidentified decedent records. NamUs is a free online system that can be searched by medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officials and the general public from all over the country in hopes of resolving these cases.

Locator Posters- LOCATER is a web-based poster-creation program that provides law enforcement agencies with access to create and distribute their own posters to include Missing Children, Missing Adults, AMBER Alert, Wanted, Crime Alert, and other additional titles. The program allows agencies to distribute posters electronically and transmit the information to other agencies, media outlets, and the general public via Email distribution.


Now Resources we have used to get Ashley Summers information out to the public. (My number 1 recommendation is LostNMissing)

LostNMissing Inc

Project Jason – Forum with faces of missing loved ones.

The Charley Project – missing persons profiles

North American Missing Persons Network

Search and Rescue Ohio

Welcome to the Doe Network

Ohio search and Rescue Association
List of Search & rescue groups in Ohio




Raina Bennett missing again -

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Missing: Raina Bennett

missing person Raina Bennett 6-9-15

CLEVELAND — FOX 8 has launched a project in hopes of finding missing people here in Northeast Ohio.

Today we feature 15-year-old Raina Bennett who went missing from Cleveland on June 1, 2015.

Raina is 5’6” with brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information please call Detective Grabski at Cleveland Police Second District 216-623-2704.