CHN Partners hardest working partner

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CHN Partners hardest working partner
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Rob the CHN bed bug beagle

Rob is CHN Housing Partners hardest worker. For a few bones, Rob is willing to head into the belly of the beast, CHN homes that have been vacated by evictions. With his nose to the ground he lets the maintenance crew know when he sniffs the DREADED bed bugs. When Rob gives the nod, the exterminators are called in. At $900 per visit, it's just another cross for CHN Housing Partners to bear. Roaches, non payment of utilities, endless evictions, repeated costly property damages, board-ups AND bed bugs. Hopefully when they try to unload these properties to naive first time home buyers, the tell tale red skid marks on the cheap beige carpet, will be sufficiently cleaned up so as not to be noticed!

And when Rob is done for the day, CAT lover Kathy Urban Montebank, HGIC at THE ALL NEW FOR PROFIT $$$$$$$$$ CHN $$$$$$$$ ENTERPRISES GALORE, ties Rob up behind Heroin Hotel #7.

CHN Parters going into overdrive to "reinvent"

The International Village deal with Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation and the Land Bank deserves greater scrutiny.  Rest assured - REALNEO is not dropping this investigation. And, a whitewash article by Crains Cleveland will not make this investigation go away.