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To jb and dbra,

All evening I've been thinking of an appropriate answer to the post by jb wherein she refers to my "TWDC Bashing." 

As I go over months and months of research material, files and notes, I find myself asking the question, "what the hell am I doing in the middle of all this bullshit?"  I could easily dump all papers, files, documents and pictures in the garbage and sit my rear back in my easy chair and let life go on. 

As I was in the middle of all this pondering, a number of images flashed across my mind and I thought about the "cake walk" that we put together for the fire victims on Jefferson.  The fun, the laughter and the excitement that came from the planning, the baking to watching the jubiliation from those winning a  homemade cake.  We didn't make a fortune but we able to give something to people who had lost everything. 

And, then another image came into my mind and I recall  the sadness I felt at watching events unfold that I could do nothing about and I thought then, what kind of people would do this? What kind of lack of humanity does it take to have the police keep guard and keep a man under threat of going to jail while his home is being smashed to smitherines?  What kind of community allows this kind of travesty? 

In today's world, we spend millions and millions of dollars on projects that go nowhere and yet, no one could step in and save Frank Giglio's home.  Now that's a bashing.


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more priceless than gold

 there is no value one can put on this.

You are one person I can count on to never sell-out, jerleen.

When someone "calls you out" always consider the source.

As for those stupid questions you were asked - so what - you're now supposed to put a term of residency requirement on your organization? How ridiculous is that?

How is the fact you were not publicly active prior to your own personal experience relevent to anything? Does that somehow disqualify your legitimacy now? Is there another term limit we should be imposing for "legitimacy"?

Is it necessary to put boundaries on what anyone sees as their "community"? What is the purpose/benefit of that? Why would it even matter?

I guess we all sell out at different levels. Some of us lower than others.