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Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Mon, 11/03/2008 - 15:19.

Since comments are such a rich part of the REALNEO site, and a common entry-point into discussions, I've added a page listing all comments ~ instead just the last 10 that appear in your right-sidebar's Recent comments block.

You can sort by Date or Commenter, (though ordering by Commenter has some strange results at the moment...)
To get to that page, there's a "more" link at the bottom of the Recent comments block.

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See the post above.
(I'm not publishing minor site issues to the front page...)

Please let me know if anything doesn't work properly for you.

Excellent enhancement... I promoted it to the home page...

This is very useful... I went ahead and promoted this to the home page - I always wondered how to do that without going through admin... while the "more" link is cool, it may be overlooked and so it may be worth putting a link to the "comments" page in the header next to updates, as well

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Nice addition to the site. I appreciate!

good idea

thanks--it makes it easier and quicker to scan


The mystery of headers?  Today's would appear to be the back side of Cleveland's old aquarium.  Am I right?  Could we have some information please :)
Jeff S--you are brilliant! Thank you for this handy tool:

Long Severance stables

My guess is this is the stables of the Long Severance estate in Cleveland Heights. The property is bordered on one side by the tawdry Severance spend money plaza surrounded by the massive parking lagoons. You can see the medical building rising in the background next to the post office. On the other side the property adjoins Milliken School's yard. This are has been untouched for several decades except for the access road for school vehicles which carry unwanted items for storage in the barn, carriage house and stable that are pictured. When Heights Arts began, this suite of buildings was our rallying cry - our raison d'etre, but then the CH-UH library offered space across the street and the thought of a new organization raising sufficient funds to repair and use the stables was too daunting. Still, the barn offers one of the best performance spaces for theater and dance (with its high lighting angles and massive clear space - no columns) and the courtyard would be a splendid place for outdoor concerts on a summer evening.

You are correct - the historic Severance stables

This great old stable complex is about all that is left of the grand Severance  Family estates, now the highly disturbing Severance Center mall blight

We're planning the Suburban Farming Institute for the Milliken School site, which is tucked behind Severance Center and includes the 4,500 square foot and very unimproved Severance stables, the 50,000 square foot Milliken School, and a total of 10.9, which will all be used for local foods related activities, including growing food, providing community educaion, and researching growing strategies in the suburban environment, including inside the former school, on the grounds, and even throughout the Severance Center site.

I see the stables being used for some equipment storage and community outreach, classes, etc. The entire site has very poor road access so it is not a good place for high traffic activities, but some arts connections can certainly be included in the planning. I'll post more on the Institute shortly.

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Header images revisited

  Is it possible to keep the headers listed under Header Images under the toolbar?  This is quite possibly one of the most valued aspects of REALNEO and it is very hard to track the history of images posted.  Thanks!