Success in TIME - now to connect the dots for Freezing Pointe

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/20/2004 - 10:56.

CrainTech published a story about two graduates of CIA's TIME
- The Integrated Media Environment - program
, which fits perfectly with a recent development announced at American Greetings: AG invested in a
children-oriented film and television production, marketing and brand
development company named The Hatchery, in LA, and the CIA TIME grads have
formed an animation production company called Flipline
Interactive Design Studios
that has an animation product they want to take to market (and lots more in the works, as you'll see at their website).
What better dots could we have waiting to connect for a local success story?

As Crain's reports, "Messrs.
Neff and Solary hope to secure a TV contract for their Freezing Pointe concept (you can view one of their cartoons at that link, and see some related "products" here)
— an amusing, nonviolent cartoon series for children set in a small town in
Antarctic populated by penguins and other cold weather creatures — and use the
proceeds to found an animation studio in Cleveland." That is exactly
what the Hatchery does
, and having access to the characters is something
that NEO's American Greetings wants - for their card and other product
development. How hard will it be to leverage these synergies? The only
challenge is getting the leaders of American Greetings and The Hatchery to take
these local emerging creatives seriously and give them consideration. Then,
it's up to the founders of Flipline to sell their concept to The Hatchery, if
deserving, and then The Hatchery experts know how to do the rest... win the LA
game we here don't have the cards to play directly. Leveraging our strengths
through distributed, often remote connections - that's one key to reinventing
NEO as part of the global new economy. Watch for developments, as REALNEO
enables connecting these dots!