REALNEO explores bringing Lean Supply and e-Collaboration tools to NEO

Submitted by Bill Vasu on Thu, 03/17/2005 - 09:08.

I attended a meeting this Wednesday morning between principals of the REALNEO team and e-Ventus , a NEO based developer of Web based supply chain management software. The meeting explored, in some considerable depth, the synergies between the transformative mission of REALNEO and the world class supply chain management and enterprise application integration tools available from e-Ventus.

It was clear to me that the unique tool set e-Ventus has developed over the last several years can provide many NEO-based business with a direct path to effective implementation of lean supply and e-collaboration in their processes. REALNEO sees one of its roles as enabling the competitiveness of local manufacturing businesses by assisting them in leveraging every effective IT networking tool available. The e-Ventus tools are anticipated to be a key component of that effort. Discussions are underway to determine the most effective ways to deliver these tools to businesses throughout the region.

Efforts such as these model the sort of collaborative civic behavior that must be repeated again and again to return our region's many strengths and assets to worldwide attention, desirability and competitiveness.

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