Walk and Roll Cleveland Festival 2006... Aug. 13th: MLK/Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 07/24/2006 - 23:26.
08/13/2006 - 11:00
08/13/2006 - 17:00


THIS IS A FIRST TIME EVENT: See Cleveland in a whole new way: WITHOUT YOUR CAR!

Rockefeller Park and the Cultural Gardens will be open for you to enjoy


because MLK Dr will be closed to cars... TWO SUNDAYS IN AUGUST!


New for 2006, “Walk and Roll Cleveland” will be Sunday August 6th and Sunday August 13th, from 11am until 5pm. MLK Drive between Rockefeller Greenhouse and the tennis courts is 2.1 miles which is a perfect distance to encourage bicycle riding, rollerblading, walking, jogging, picnicking and exploring.

Walk and Roll Cleveland will utilize beautiful East Blvd for motorized traffic as it runs parallel to MLK Drive (Liberty Blvd) without adding additional length to a driver’s route. The detour will be posted with numerous colorful signs, with dozens of security ambassadors and volunteers to aid motorists who might be new to the area.

Click Here to see a list of events, click here to see map.

They are also looking for voluneteers, so visit here to help out!



Rockefeller Park and Cleveland Cultural Gardens
MLK Boulevard Between the Rockefeller Greenhouse and tennis Courts - 2.5 miles
Cleveland, OH
United States