YOUR MAIL - "no expectation of privacy" - so US Gov compiles tracking catalogues - BS!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 07/04/2013 - 08:22.

The New York Times reports that Leslie James Pickering, the owner of a bookstore in Buffalo, was targeted by a tracking program from the United States Postal Service.

While it is true that the outside of each mailed envelope needs to be read by a postal worker in order to deliver it to a specific address, it is outrageous for our goverment to "extrapolate" from the cover of the envelop to then claim that it is constitutional for the goverment to track and gather data on the outside of EVERY envolope mailed.

We have a reasonable expectation that our government will not compile a tracking data base on each of it's citizens.   

Just as Mr. Snowden has warned us about emails and telephone calls being data banked and catalogued, we can be sure that Fed Ex, UPS, and DSL are also tracking all packages and providing the US government a full catalogue.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation page here outlines Supreme Court rulings on 4th Amendment right to privacy.  Wikipedia discusses the "expectation of privacy" here.


What means of convenient, economical communication is available, or can be developed, which is open source and not trackable?

How is free conversation to be kept from a corrupt government?

How about web site images?   How about a sequence of patent office searches?




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