Tax-Junkie Pep-Rally for the Arts... And I guess that I just dont know

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I just got the email below, from the head of a local arts not-for-profit to remain un-named, to protect the innocent: "Norm -- i just wanted to make sure you knew about the "sales pitch" we are about to get.". I read on to see that tax junkie CPAC - Community Partnership for Arts and Culture - is on the Cuyahoga County junk again, now hustling artists and arts organizations to tax themselves and patrons for the benefit of the dealers. Read on... anyone going to this who can cover for realneo?... Note: " RSVP’s are required!" Now, a little art, in honor of this event and the rush for the MedCon and taxation without sober representation, courtesy of Lou Reed:

I dont know just where Im going

But Im gonna try for the kingdom, if I can

cause it makes me feel like Im a man

When I put a spike into my vein

And Ill tell ya, things arent quite the same

When Im rushing on my run

And I feel just like jesus son

And I guess that I just dont know

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Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Roundtable Alert
Fri, 10 Aug 2007 16:34:54 -0400

A meeting of the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Roundtable is scheduled for Friday August 17, 8:30am at the Great Lakes Science Center.  The subject of the Roundtable will be a presentation by Fred Nance, chairman, Greater Cleveland Partnership on the development of Cleveland’s Medical Merchandise Mart and Convention Center Complex.  This is an opportunity to hear first-hand about the benefits the Complex can provide to our community.

We know this is short notice; however we wanted to give the arts and culture community an opportunity to learn more about a project that will strengthen Northeast Ohio.  Please make every effort to attend and bring staff and board members if possible.

RSVP’s are required!  Please RSVP by replying to this email, or call 216.575.0331.

Thank you!
Beth Kappa 
Program Associate
Community Partnership for Arts & Culture (CPAC)
1900 Superior, Suite 130
Cleveland, OH 44114
216.575.0331 x21


Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Ave.
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Roundtable Alerts?

Who received this "Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Roundtable Alert" and does anyone know of other Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Roundtable events? I Goggled Cuyahoga County Arts and Culture Roundtable and the only real reference is at the Foundation Center webpage on CPAC here, which says...

Cuyahoga County Cultural Roundtable: CPAC facilitates the Cuyahoga County Cultural Roundtable with the goal of connecting and communicating with the community’s arts and cultural representatives. These roundtables act as open forums for discussing issues of common cause, such as current public policy efforts, and current arts and cultural events and programs.

Couldn't find anything on the CPAC website, but then it wouldn't load at this time... must raise taxes to pay for new website for CPAC or the region will perish!!!!.

So, is CPAC a PAC?

Disrupt IT

what happened at the CPAC meetup -- a report

Sent to Tim Ferris. Thanks for the update Tim and thanks to your anonymous tipper. I thoroughly understand why CPAC is being made a mule for this anti democratic move. I think we all know that in Issue 31 the "economic development' tag muddled the arts tax thing, but in Issue 18 all the self-righteous nonsmokers could agree to band together and tax the poor more for the gilded halls the rich inhabit.

The meek arts affiliates who just can't stand up to the County or City on the issue of the Breuer are now being co-opted to stop the referendum so the county will have the funds to tear down a cultural icon -- which represents the legacy of 20th century design. These folks are easy though. If they can get a dime from someone or think they can, they are generally ready to bend over and do whatever is asked. Revolutionary art just isn't provincial enough for Cleveland. We just want pretty pictures and music from dead white guys. So much for rock and roll.

For more on take from the poor and give to the rich, read Roldo this week. Get your camera ready cause I want to see how you look with your hair blown back, eyes bulging when you're reading this one!