Level Three Gallery presents “Objectify”

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My wife and I are big fans of NEO artist Gina DeSantis - I started buying her functional ceramic pieces when she first showed at Buzz (we love her rice bowls designed with chopsticks in mind). When Buzz closed, we hunted Gina down to continue buying her work. So, when she announced Level Three Gallery it was such good news... be sure to check Level Three Gallery and Gina's work (above) out at their upcoming show, described below...

Level Three Gallery presents “Objectify”, an exhibition focusing on fine craft created by Cleveland artists including Gina DeSantis, Lauralee Hutson,  Ruth Sholtis-Furyes and Columbus glass artist Ken Beckett.  Represented in this exhibit are fine art objects both functional and decorative.  Rooted with environmental and natural influences, they each take a different perspective on color and design.

Lauralee Hutson is a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art with a degree in metals and jewelry and a minor in enameling. Her work has been exhibited in museums on the west coast and has sold at the Smithsonian, Philadelphia Museum of Art and at the 2006 national conferences of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. In August of 2007 she will have two enameled pieces in an international exhibition sponsored by the Enamelist Society. Lauralee often takes inspiration from nature, sometimes abstracting it and sometimes creating realistic imagery in her jewelry and sculpture. Most recently she has embarked on a series that explores societies' perceptions of beauty, the values placed on it and how we increasingly over indulge in self absorption. Often her work uses the botanical world as metaphor for the human world.

Ruth Sholtis-Furyes is a Cleveland-based crafts artist who works in jewelry, metals and clay.  She creates functional jewelry from found glass often in vibrant colors juxtaposed with silver organic designs.  Her influences are rooted heavily in modern design with simple clean lines.  Ruth has shown her work locally at such shows as the Bizarre Bazaar.

Gina DeSantis is a graduate of Kent State University with a Master of Fine arts degree in ceramics.  She is co-owner of Level Three Gallery and is the ceramics instructor at Art House.  Her work contrasts heavy texturing with monochromatic, saturated color.  Currently her work focuses on multiple functional pieces combined and stacked to create a unified singular piece.  As a craftsperson she is intrigued by the process of “making” and its ever-evolving results.
For more information visit http://levelthreegallery.blogspot.com or contact Gina DeSantis at artzy_grl [at] yahoo [dot] com, 440.785.5409,
Or Marlene Forst at 440.666.7834

Please join us!
Art Exhibition:
Where: Level Three Gallery
3635 Perkins Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114
*minutes from downtown
**free parking available
Opening Reception: Friday, July 6 from 6-10 p.m.
Show dates: July 6- July 29
Gallery hours: by appointment.


Level Three Gallery
3635 Perkins Ave
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Award-meritous Art

This is particularly interesting to me, as I first became intrigued with sculpted art and use of media like metals, clay, and glass post-Poland visit to the Husarska Family - a tremendously gifted one artistically.  I'll  be posting a gallery of Maria Husarska's and her mother's Warsaw/Krakow works in the near future and Feel this would be a great addition for the MayShow Coil.  I would be interested in attending this Level Three show and perhaps even inviting my family, who will be in town the same day.  Nice writeup.