Green Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 14:32.

This certainly has been a perfect spring for flowering trees, still exploding with color all over the near East Side. Here are some views at Lakeview Cemetery, where the plantings are exceptional any time of year, and especially about now. Check it out!

How green is your valley? Any really great, hidden spots to see the real Green Cleveland in your neighborhod, you'd like to recommend?

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god almighty

  Really, the stupidity in this town is mind boggling.  I don't care any more.  When stupid people rule, we have stupid, stupid, STUPID.   Ask any one, who bothers to pay attention to the decisions made in this town...
The worst insult to any of us, would be trying to camouflage STUPID by labeling it GREEN...Sorry, Norm.  Here you are trying to be happy and positive and I am shoving the negative again, but really, girls can get mad, too.  I am talking about the SOS in my neighborhood.  Brooklyn Centre and elsewhere (Opportunity Corridor).  I had planned on attending the Treadway Creek opening (Happy GREEN!!!!) , but now, it seems, I have to attend a BOZA hearing on the rezoning of lower Denison (Stupid, STUPID!!!).

Broken bridges

I've only recently come to know anything about your neighborhood, through you and your neighbors on REALNEO, and our meetings at your library, and exploring that area, and around Art House, and where your bridge was, and you had some amazing assets that already have been lost, and you stand to lose more, without more intelligent planning and activism within the core. You, Gloria, Tim and others need to keep posting updates and calls for action on REALNEO - and keep linking us to what is being posted elsewhere - your education efforts are working and you are increasing broad awareness - direct us where we may help and how.

Our first posting on Art House demolishing Wirth House on REALNEO from April 1, 2007, has nearly 5,000 visits - I'm sure that has had an impact.

Disrupt IT

how green is your valley?

How green is your valley? I asked this via Carl Pope's largely overlooked show The Mind of Cleveland. That's me "SM-CH". Jeff Buster and I participated back in December at CSU. The evening I saw Fritz Haeg at CIA I was suprised to find my question on a poster in the gallery. Never made it to a billboard apparently. Thanks for posting the question for us Norm. One we should all be asking...

Nice to see you were included

I really enjoyed the Mind of Cleveland show at CIA and have enjoyed the billboards. Much better and more my style (and budget) than the less impactful and thankfully now overlooked and nearly forgotten $3 million V&C braindrain

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Brian has a copy

  Brian Cummins has a copy of your poster Susan.  I brought it back from the show to congratulate and credit him for making the Treadway Creek trail and riparian valley restoration a reality.  Perhaps, this will jog his memory and shake him out of this apparent lapse from GREEN.

And in response to an inquiry about this post--

The ravine would be the unnamed tributary to the Cuyahoga River that starts around my backyard in Brooklyn Centre and flowed east through the cemetery and under WC Reed field to the Cuyahoga. 

My next stop will be to get the map that shows the culvert under the park. The creek is buried here:

This "creek" is a BIG, buried creek--it carried enough water at one time to fill two ice ponds, which means that it carries the same amount, if not more, during heavy storm events. 


I am waiting for the eventual collapse of century-old pipes as the Nine-Mile Creek culvert collapsed in East Cleveland. (Excellent story an photographs by Michael Gill, now at Cleveland Scene).

And here is a photo of the century-old housing, the councilman will have torn down to put in the quick money 60-unit NRP project that will leave us with a stinking mess:

Federal poverty dollars $$$$

  Brooklyn Centre "wins" over Old Brooklyn in the contractor/developer cash sweepstakes known as the Low Income Tax Credit.  That the City of Cleveland plans to drop an environmental bomb on the residents of Brooklyn Centre matters to no one.  Will the brief transparency we enjoyed from our current council representative dry up as this project goes forward with little to no media oversight?

I walked through the site yesterday.  No evidence of soil borings, yet the demolitions are slated to proceed.  The condemned rowhouses are stripped and boarded.  Fern Court soils are saturated with water like a huge sponge. 

This is the sort of "new development" Old Brooklyn can look forward to now that redistricting will lower your average household income!!!

Welcome to my world--the new Ward 12--"Old Brooklyn"