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I predict

Winners in the primary:  Brian Cummins vs Santiago or Rick Nagin  kd

Ward 14 results?

  If not for NRP, I would be endorsing Brian Cummins.  My vote this go-around went to Nelson Cintron.  Interesting results in this straw poll, so far.

Don't forget that the real primary is Tuesday, September 8th.

Questions???  See the Board of Elections site:


lmcshane, Where did you find


Where did you find the straw poll? 

This sure will be an interesting primary with so many candidates in the running. I had I had to do was scroll up to find the poll. 

$5 million invested in Ward 14's Market Square Area


Here's some footage of Market Square park enjoyed today by NEO families of all shape, size and color.  It helps to remember where we have come from to understand where we are going.  Nelson Cintron Jr. was the councilman who negotiated the improvements and contracts between the West Side Market Association and the City of Cleveland that allowed these families to enjoy a late summer Saturday afternoon.  
Please thank him with your vote.

not cintron/market square

 sorry lmcshane, but the saturdays in market square park was the brainchild of Laura Noble who did a beautiful job of bringing all the aspects together. The rebuilding of the outside vendors and Market improvements were directed by Mike White.

To say it was Cintron is just not true. I was around during that time; where you? Please find another reason for people that vote for Nelson that is based on something that he actually did.

Nelson was in office eight years. Perhaps some legislation that he originated and got passed that was significant?






Tangible Market Square improvements

DWebb--Not the event, but the actual improvements to the venue.  We tend to forget our history here in NEO and it doesn't help that we have had our neighborhoods bulldozed underneath us to accelerate the memory loss. 

There were many tangible PHYSICAL improvements set in motion under Nelson Cintron's and Mike White's administration.  Nelson Cintron--a rookie councilmember at the time, ascended to the rank of majority leader on council. 

I remember, because I was HERE, too (I am OLD).

This week residents will receive a newsletter detailing the many brick and mortar projects initiated during the Nelson Cintron administration.  Go back and read the articles outlined in the newsletter which I will pdf soon.

 Meanwhile, here's some related legislation for you:

T h e C i t y Re c o rd
O fficial Publication of the Council of the City of Cleve l a n d
January the Twenty-Second, Two Thousand and Three
January 22, 2003
Res. No. 2336-02.
By Council Members Cintron,
Lewis and Jackson (by departmental
An emergency resolution declaring
the intention of the City of
Cleveland to locate the Workforce
Development/One-Stop Career or a
satellite office within a one-mile
radius of the West 25th Avenue and
Clark area.
Whereas, this resolution constitutes
an emergency measure providing
for the usual daily operation of
a municipal department; now, therefore,
Be it resolved by the Council of
City of Cleveland:
Section 1. That it is the intention
of the City of Cleveland to locate
the Workforce Development/One-
Stop Career Center or a satellite
office within a one-mile radius of
the West 25th Avenue and Clark
Section 2. That this resolution is
declared to be an emergency measure
and, provided it receives the
affirmative vote of two-thirds of all
the members elected to Council, it
shall take effect and be in force
immediately upon its adoption and
approval by the Mayor; otherwise, it
shall take effect and be in force
from and after the earliest period
allowed by law.
Adopted January 13, 2003.
Effective January 15, 2003.
Workforce Development/One-Stop Career Ñ intention to locate Ñ W. 25th Ave. & Clark Area
(R 2336-02) . . .



market square improvements

About the legislation (by departmental request) : There was a county response for this and I think that a department requested these council people introduce the legislation to provide some space for this. Did it ever happen? Where is the one stop center now? I sort of remember that this almost happened, but then didn't.

When we were talking about the Market Square, I meant the actual revelopment of the outside vendors area, the inside improvements, the square Saturday vendors, and the replacement of the street and sidewalks. I also asked for examples of legislation that came from the councilman that was his idea. I am not bashing Nelson. I like him. I am just asking a person who asking others to vote for him to show why they should with respect to the eight years that he served. I also like Rick Nagin. I don't know Brian, but many people respect him a lot.   When I asked if you were there during the market square improvements, I was asking if you were really there, not in Cleveland. I meant where you involved in the neighborhood and the impact of the renovations and construction?

Cintron and Stonewall Democrats

   And the Stonewall Democrats might want to revisit this bit of history---


Cleveland’s Growing Gay and Lesbian Culture

Thursday, January 17, 2002 RSS RSS  Link Short URL  Share Share

The economic downturn that began last year hit the city of Cleveland hard. Poor market conditions and other factors toppled LTV Steel, TRW laid off workers, and Dillard's downtown closed its doors. But some downtown Cleveland neighborhoods are on the upswing, in large part because of a growing, uncloseted gay and lesbian culture on the city's near-West side, that's opening up to the urban community. 90.3 WCPN's Janet Babin reports.

Janet Babin: A few years ago, if you asked a gay person where to go in Cleveland for a decent meal and a few drinks, they’d probably say, Columbus. Ok, maybe Lakewood. But the gay community says that’s changing. Now there are a number of gay owned and operated establishments clustering west of the Cuyahoga River.

On a recent rainy weeknight, several young people are heading to the Lesbian Gay Community Service Center of Greater Cleveland, on West 65th and Detroit Avenue.

After passing a front desk person, members of an African American youth group head downstairs. Some are playing pool, while a women’s group gathers in one of the private meeting rooms surrounding the kitchen and open area. Executive Director Linda Malicki says when the Center opened in 2000, it received a mostly positive response.

Linda Malicki: It’s a very diverse neighborhood, and I think they realized that respectful people were coming here, not what they expected.

JB: The Center serves as an anchor for a slowly evolving urban neighborhood that’s approaching real diversity. While one neighborhood gallery is in trouble, several gay restaurants, a bookstore and local theatre are thriving. Columbus businessman Rajesh Lahoti says Detroit Avenue from Ohio City to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood is an area that many gay couples are choosing to call home.

With strong neighborhood roots, Lahoti felt confident investing nearly $2 million in a huge building that he’s turned into a restaurant and entertainment complex called the Union Station Bounce Project. While the space is gay owned and operated, Lahoti says the establishment appeals to a mixed crowd.

Rajesh Lahoti: We want the straight people to come - we want people to realize that we are a minority, that doesn’t have the rights of every other minority.

JB: One Cleveland Councilman is working to improve the rights of gays and lesbians, and non-married partners working at City Hall. Nelson Cintron plans to introduce legislation that would provide domestic partner benefits for city workers. The law would offer health care to same-sex and opposite-sex couples who aren’t married, but are life partners. Cintron says major companies including the top three automakers, University Hospital, and Case Western Reserve University now offer such benefits. He believes the law could end up improving the city’s economic development prospects.

Nelson Cintron: This is the kind of benefit that can attract hi-tech companies to our region.

JB: According to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies and more than 90 state and local government or government agencies provide domestic partner health benefits.

But getting such legislation passed is often more difficult than legislators anticipate. Often citizens reject domestic partner benefits based on religious grounds. Hamilton County State Representative Bill Seitz was a lead sponsor of the State’s Defense of Marriage Act, which passed the House in October and is awaiting hearings in the Senate. While the Bill allows a municipality to make its own decision on domestic partner health benefits, Seitz opposes them.

Bill Seitz: I think there would be significant cost associated with (the benefits) and a number of definitional issues involved in determining what is a partner.

JB: Lakewood Councilman Michael Skindell co-introduced domestic partner benefits in 1999, with what he thought was the backing of the other council members.

Michael Skindell: I think what happened in Lakewood was that a group of folks, a number of folks, the Religious Right and others, and spoke up loudly against the issue, and the council members changed their position.

JB: The ordinance failed in Lakewood by a 5-to-2 vote in 2000. Cintron was planning on introducing the domestic partner benefits in Cleveland this week, but he’s been urged to do some coalition building. Cleveland Stonewall Democrats President Patrick Shepherd says he appreciates Cintron’s bravery in bringing up domestic partner benefits.

Patrick Shepherd: We went to the past admit to get support, but unsuccessful, so that fact that in an unsolicited way the councilman has decided to take the initiative, we’re immensely appreciative of that.

JB: Cintron’s opponent in last year’s election was an openly gay candidate, but the councilman says he’s been considering domestic partner benefits for some time, because his sister was a lesbian.

Cintron says he’s forming a committee to study the issue. He hopes to bring a domestic partner benefit ordinance forward prior to the summer recess.

Council President Frank Jackson says he’s in favor of healthcare for all workers, but doesn’t want the debate over benefits to spiral out of control. In Cleveland, Janet Babin, 90.3 WCPN News.

(DWebb-before I became a "lowly"* Children's Librarian (*not how I feel--but certainly how we are treated in the profession)--I was a Microform Librarian--you know, the person who maintains the local memory on microfilm, so that it doesn't get erased).




are never lowly regardless of the position. And I bet that being a children's librarian is a lot more demanding then many other library positions. I know that I couldn't do it unless I had a lot of duct tape and ear plugs.

Nerves of steel

  It helps to have nerves of steel...and a sympathetic partner in life.  I feed Chris and he pretends to listen and care about my woes :)  So it goes...

Santiago refuses to talk to the PD or attend debates....

but he'll talk to the GAY PEOPLE'S CHRONICLE where he'll get soft-ball questions..



 I am still fuming about Clark Ave.  comment in the gay people' chronicle. How could Santiago allow the nice old building at the intersection of Clark Fulton to be demolished for a bigger and better Walgreens? The only other "improvement" was the ill fated LaCopa. Clark Ave has so many small businesses that need some consideration and NOW he's thinking of getting it designated as a business revitalization district? What would that do to the small business people there? What strings come attached with that designation? New and better entertainment establishments? 

Some of the newer enterprises on Clark were started with Nelson Cintron, such as the Save a lot that replaced the empty Tops. They opened up during the Santiago reign but the work to get them there wasn't his to claim.

Now he whines because he has a race for the seat for which he isn't even the incumbent. 

This is the guy who was indignant because I called him on a weekday to try to set up an appointment to speak with him on a Saturday at his ward office. Doesn't meet with constituents on the weekend! We have to take off work to meet with him during the week, unless it is an event that garners maximum public relations, then no problem. So indignant. 

Regardless of you who vote for on September 8th, just make sure that it is for someone else. This guy should have never been elected.


This is a biased report, is it? Revitalize Clark Ave? He has had 4 years and what? The PD reporters are after him? Maybe because they are reporters? He has only raised $5,000? He actually raised any?



Crap web site

  Wow--glad to know that Paul Laurence Dunbar School gets demolished before Denison (not--none of these schools should get demolished, least of all Lincoln West--The demolition of Gallagher is a crime)...thanks MikeinCleveland. Is Santiago's web site the crappiest thing going...?

Okay--I'll say this--Nelson doesn't have a what...he does understand communication and straight up human relations.  Vote for Nelson Cintron on Tuesday, September 8th.


Both Dunbar and Orchard are closed for demo. Too bad that both elementary schools within a mile of each other are closed at the same time. This makes it hard on kids and parents. Better planning would have been appreciated. 





demolishing perfectly good schools

 i'm not sure why someone commented that demolishing Dunbar is a good thing. The neighbors have been given absolutely no information about this. I spent many hours in phone calls to CMSD trying to find out what is going in an effort to link up neighbors. I got the distinct impression they dont WANT neighborhood involvement. 

For Santiago to claim this as an achievement is quite disingenuous, if not one more lie in his long list of lies. The question begs answering - if he was "in the know" about what was going on, why was he not informing his constituents? Why did we not have a say in the process?

I'm told the reason they are tearing down a perfectly good school, that has under capacity enrollment is because it has no handicap access to the second floor. Things is, if you know this school, an elevator could be easily added (the building is round). I would think that would be a more cost effective way of handling the situation.

CMSD is the primary reason people leave Cleveland. Our councilpeople whoring to money interests for personal power while their constituents rot is second.

No, I'm not a Santiago fan but voting for Cintron because he is "less worse" than Santiago is idiotic. That was the reasoning that put Santiago in office in the first place. Everyone is conveniently forgetting that Cintron was in office for EIGHT years and in that time, the area spiraled downward. The ward was run as a hallmark of sycophants and cronyism.

Of course, if you ARE hedging your bets, now IS a good time to suck up.

dunbar & orchard

 I was sent to Dunbar school for a while as my polling place to vote. It seemed pretty nice and I was surprised to see it up for demo. The lack of enrollment concerns me because the CMSD can say that it is because of ADA reasons and will fix that but that is a hot real estate area. I am sure that St. Ignatius would love to get their hands on a piece of property of that size.  They have already taken out several hundred families in their land grab in the past and I don't think that they are through. St. Ignatius bought and tore down the Chatham townhouses last year just across the street from Dunbar. If they bought that property, they could also close that section of Chatham and have a  large enough for a football stadium and they would not have to rent out for their games.

It is a case of wealth vs. a poor neighborhood. We need to be watchful.

I've been assured

 by the Director of Development for St. Ignatius that they have no intentions of acquiring any property south of Chatham (which would include the Dunbar building)... Of course I also believe everything I'm told.

Yes, it is hot property - that whole area is going to develop. MRN just bought the commercial property on its perimeter (excepting Voss Industries). 

The building was in fine condition. They just put a new roof on its entirety maybe 5 years ago. If they wanted to make it nicer, they could have gotten rid of or dirt over the acre of blacktop (what the hell was tHAt about?), greened the building (it does have asbestos) and put in an elevator. who knows what they are thinking? CMSD is a hot mess.


 I don't believe anything that they say anymore (St. Ignatius). They also said that there were not interested in the Chatham rowhouses which is a future parking lot now. As soon as those tax credits expired, OCNW sold. Sounds, though, with MRN, that there is more than one developer to keep an eye out for.

I really like the circle of Dunbar and all the kids drawings in the windows. 

Give me a better choice Debra

  I was being facetious about the tearing down of Paul Laurence Dunbar.  It's a crime--the enitre Cleveland Metropolitan School District administration is nothing but a puppet regime set-up with no oversight--the Plain Dealer is well aware of it and is accelerating the take-down.   The lives of school children and their families mean nothing in the face of pure and hateful greed.

(Debra, which schools did Cintron allow CMSD to tear down?  Of the candidates--Cintron is the only one whose children attended and matriculated from Cleveland schools.  Debra, Cintron's own family is not "too good" to make the experiment of public education work for them.  And for everyone who wants to write off Lincoln West students--think again--this school is our brain trust and we are squandering our future.)


I never said Cintorn tore down schools, Laura - be real.





Rick Nagin

Kucinich supports him as well. (Congressman Kucinich - the one who keeps making sense about the war, the economy, corporate excess and greed and poverty)


 Who, in my opinion, should also be investigated as part of the wider Cuyahoga County corruption probe.  Rick's a nice guy with some abstract sense of the "people."   Rick's blind allegiance to Kucinich and his big labor affiliation and Kucinich's affiliation with Rokakis and the land bank and the real estate transactions here, gives me no confidence whatsoever.  BTW, Sinagra was a contributor to Rokakis' reelection campaign.  No mention of that in the PD.  For once, I agree with Tim Russo--while we focus on minutiae, the players just keep "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."  And, we go along with the ship.



Maybe I am missing

Maybe I am missing something, but I like the land bank idea that Rokakis is proposing.  Isn't it supposed to help people stay in their homes?  Wouldn't that be a good thing? 

My son lives on Trowbridge and he is in danger of foreclosing....and he works full time.  The economy has priced him out and he has gotten behind on his house payments and his utility payments.  It is a constant struggle for him.  If he didn't have family that help out when they can he would have lost his home years ago.  But, now the family is also feeling the effects of higher prices and not as much help is available.  I am sure there are a lot more people in his situation. 

He can't sell his home because it is no longer worth as much as he owes on it.  So he will probably end up losing it to Wells Fargo Bank who will most likely sell it for a profit to some developer who will again sell it for a profit.  You all know how it goes with those who have money and the knowledge to make money off of people who are poor.  The land bank is supposed to stop this from happening.  I don't see how that would be a bad thing for the neighborhood.

missing something

Please have your son contact these folks. Their website is  He should not wait any longer. It is free and they are staffed to help.

To stave off comments: to each their own. There is a lot to like about Rokakis. He has been on the right side of the mortgage debacle.

Thank you dwebb.  I will

Thank you dwebb.  I will give him the information.  Much appreciated.


 ESOP is a fantastic organization, Ward14. They are very dedicated and very real.

Home forclosure

Ward 14 resident,  I have a lot of information at my office on ESOP if you would like I can drop it off to you. My # is 216.854.7660 or you can E-mail me  jmd4citycouncil [at] yahoo [dot] com

James M. D'Amico

Candidate for Cleveland City Council Ward 14

D' am

D' am impressed.  I never expected a response from a candidate for council.  Thank you.  I need the information for my son.  His address is 3637 Trowbridge if you are out and about in the area.  I have to warn you though...he has a Nagin sign in his yard.  <smile>

I gave him the phone # today for ESOP that dwebb posted and encouraged him to call. 




D' am

Ward14resident, I will be out this afternoon and will make it a point to drop off the information to your son. I will also contact James W Rudyk Jr. he is the Community Outreach Coordinator for ESOP and let him know about your sons situation.

Thank you

James M. D'Amico

Candidate for Cleveland City Council Ward 14

Hello Mr. D'Amico, My

Hello Mr. D'Amico,

My daughter-in-law called to tell me that you stopped by with the information.  She was very pleased, she told me you were a fine gentleman, very respectful.  My son will call ESOP and make an appointment.  I am so grateful that you took the time to stop by and tell them about this organization that can help them with their current housing problem.  I tried to tell them to call ESOP but I wasn't as effective as you were.  So, thank you for assuring them that help is available in the community. Much appreciated.

Ward 14 resident, If you

Ward 14 resident, If you have a moment I  would appreciate it if you would call me I would  like to speak to you about this . 216.854.7660

Thank you

James M. D'Amico



Remoras may not eat meat

indictment for verbal support?

that's it? you accuse someone of corruption that merits investigation because they gave an implicated peer words of support at an annual banquet???


you're showing your colors, Laura.

Emotional Voting

I hear so much emotional rhetoric around the Ward 14 candidates. I sincerely hope Ward 14 is able to look at the candidates and decide on their merit, not on some folksy emotional drama dealing.

As for this idea that Kucinich should be investigated, I've never heard anything so stupid and absurd in my life. What on earth do you base that on?


it is probably that department of peace thingy that Dennis has going on. throws people, you know?

Kucinich has endorsed Cintron  when he has run in the past. 

peace is bad

 because peace is such a bad thing to work for... right?

Kucinich at least has the balls to say how things really are. he's honest and forthright. Cimperman showed his true colors when he ran his nasty campaign against him.

Kucinich supports Nagin now - he's not the only one who no longer supports Cintron - what does that tell you?

True colors

And Kucinich would have assisted Cummins against Cimperman...if Brian had chosen that route.  Who told me, so?  Nagin. 
A bit of Kucinich's not-so-nice side comes out when it comes down to anyone who questions or runs against the all-knowing one.  
Kucinich, honest, forthright...Rokakis...Brancatelli?  Think again. 

why wouldn't he?

 so what? Cimperman tried to unseat him with a very nasty negative campaign filled with lies and managed by Ms. Sharkey. I'd vote for Cummins before Cimperman anyday, based on that FACT alone.

Whats your big deal with a Peace Office, Laura? Becasue all your other posts seem to support the concept of peace. Why are you holding the idea up for ridicule here, but advocating it elsewhere?

No problem there

  Debra--I have no problem with an Office of Peace rather than a Pentagon...the symbolism is just too much to go into here.  Have a great day--you have great things in your life and certainly don't need to get worked up about anything I say here.  Let's just hope for real change--
PEACE out. Laura

but I'm not worked up -

just confused as to the anti-Nagin anti-Kucinich sentiment and wanting a rational answer.

maybe I'm a little tired of the baseless Cintron cheerleading as well.

and I manage my time well. I always have time for political debate ; )  ; )  ; )


I am only, etc :)

Pro Peace here too.  I am

Pro Peace here too. 

I am also a Kucinich supporter...I know he is not perfect and I don't agree 100% with everything he says and does...but he has consistently spoke for peace and he is not controlled by big business.

I am also a supporter of the Department of Peace.  If we don't know how to be peaceful it will never happen.  The Department of Peace would help teach peaceful ways to resolve confilct at all levels of discord, domestic as well as national and international.  That sounds like a good thing to me. 

I am not a Cintron supporter this time around.  I think he had his opportunity.  Time for someone new to have a try at it.  Just my personal opinion. 



  I suppose you think that the whole redistricting process was not rigged, either?  Soon, we will all live in the blissful shangri-la promised by Kucinich our supreme lord and king.  Hare krishna.




  Don't miss this bit of news buried in the Metro section today--I would still like to know if Frangos gets PERS for his new position with the land bank.



  Can the police and


Can the police and firefighters now all leave the city? I wonder how many will leave old Brooklyn and West Park. They could have let them all stay and offered them half the income taxes, because the result of letting them live outside of the city will be just that. The loss of all of them and the related income taxes and also the decreased value of the homes they owned. Then offer some low income HUD vouchers in those areas that will push the progress along. Open your arms to the poverty and give it warm hug. All it need is your loving caring endorsement, it will cuddle up right next to you.

Follow me….

but it’s a cliff….

never mind close your eyes and follow…