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Finally!!!  A VOTE!! My

Finally!!!  A VOTE!!

My first vote in "He's Gotta Go! Poll".  "Look, Dad--they like me, they really like me!  No, wait..."

I was feeling so left out.  Whoever you are--thank you, thank you. 

But, I still haven't voted or taken part in this silliness.  Because, I really fear that those who vote here, might just really want to silence others.  I'd rather not be part of that silencing.

that's okay,

Some of us choose not to vote, (as my friend bill duff told me he wasn't)

and no harm there, as some others are voting and voting and voting and voting, you get the idea. 

Good comment tho, not to be part of "silencing"  you must believe independent thinking and not majority rule, is far better?? grin, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

For an idiot like me,

For an idiot like me, thinking is hard, Betty.  Sure, going along with majority rule is usually easier, or any rule where Might Makes Right, for that matter.  But, democratic societies--and, yes, that includes a democratic republic like ours--give majority rule the benefit of the doubt.  So, it does have a certain moral cache.  But democracies are not perfect.  Hitler was democratically elected.  And, who wants to seriously claim that Germans were deeply misled by his campaign rhettoric.  (Mein Kampf anyone?  Oh, you really meant those things, Adolph?!)

Even here in America, Jimmy Carter was elected, though, mostly by Democrats.  (Okay, Camp David was brilliant.  And, I kind of respect him and his family.  Now, will he stop critiquing presidents and let them be president?)

BTW, glad to bring a smile or grin to you.  Thank you.  Do you know how hard it is to do that when people have misplaced funny bones?  ( I know it's around here somewhere.  That dog better not have chewed it all up again!)  Have a blessed weekend.

How many members are in this

How many members are in this group?  Thirteen?  Is that enough for a witches' coven?  And, let's see--we want to start blocking content?  This site has been here for how many years and has how many contributors?  Right, let's just chattering at each other in the same echo chamber.  That'll sure drive progress in our lives and community.  Yep, always does.



By the way--I'm chosing not

By the way--I'm chosing not to exercise my right to "vote" in this poll.  I see some pretty angry and sad stuff here, but i don't want to see people silenced.  While I think some stuff here is misguided, and, some is obviously fueled by an agenda--often quite angry, most of it is rather harmless.  There are bright folks here who spend time getting good information together about interesting subjects.  And, I usually don't agree with their viewpoints.

I recently saw a post by someone here who I pretty much think is just angry.  Here's the thing---the writer made sense.  I wanted to comment in reply.  But I didn't because the writer has suggested I be booted from the site in another post.  Yep, the writer is one of the louder voices in the echo chamber.  How do you hear yourself think living like that?

Should I have ignored the previous calls for my exile and gone ahead and thanked the poster for a good contribution? 

Look, we're adults--can we reason together?  Or.........no?

Oh yeah--how come no one has voted to boot me?  If it's because we only get one vote does that mean I need to ramp things up?  I'm feeling really overlooked.  And, how in heaven's name does that Angel in Ward 14 have more votes (one) than me?  What has that sweet one possibly done to deserve banishment?

A great boss once told me--if you lose your sense of humor, then you are really in trouble.  Come on, Cleveburgers, don't lose your sense of humor.  Get a grip.  Find some friendly joint to a lift a beer or two in and then go get some dogs at the Hot Dog Inn.  It'll cure whatever ails you.



Thanks for your comment--and rational take on the situation.  I try to laugh, it's the best medicine out there.  Have a good one :)

Glad to help.  I've done a

Glad to help.  I've done a little live comedy--what a tough job.  Talk about brickbats flying.  But comedy does presuppose that people have a working funny bone.  How is your Unified Theory of Everything coming?  What's taking so long?

I voted for myself!

GBW,  I think you can vote more than once if you use another computer with a different IP address.  Or you can log in with an another user name and vote again on the same computer.  This is like elections in the South or in Afghanistan.  There are many ways to win. 

I forgot to put Roldo and other past posters on the list, and "Other" should have been included too.   Anyone who has "other" suggestions they can post them in the comment area.

I agree with you that sometimes sensible arguments and insights come from sources which at first might hit one as a bit offensive.   There is a lot of passion and energy here.  Everyone wants it channelled in their direction. 

Seriously though, if content editing is to be done, it can't be done by an editor or admin because they will have an impossible, thankless, mean, and time consuming task.  Editing must be done by each user.  Right now that means just scrolling down past stuff/posters you don't care to deal with.  Newer Drupal software will allow each user to set their own defaults -

Best Jeffb

Well, Mother always said it

Well, Mother always said it was important to be popular.  Yeah, these vote totals do have a certain aroma about them--like they had been "cooked" in Chicago--if you catch my scent.  But, seriously, McShane is ahead?!! What's that about?  If HE rubs folks the wrong way, this really is Sensitivity Land.  Can't we all get along, anyway?

Tremonter site

The Tremonter site, which to Adam Harvey's credit used the same Drupal platform here, started as an experiment with good intentions.

That experiment soon became bogged down with hate-spewed comments from one person.  I will let that experience speak for itself.

Spam is an issue--and recognizing spam is an issue--awhile back JeffB got on Tricia Chaves case, because she posted here with links to her commercial site.  I found her optimistic posts refreshing and debated with Jeff about her content. You see, she did not just cut-and-paste and embellish with a few words of her own. 

I am concerned that savcash and dbra are both spammers--with the intent of destroying this site.  Anonymous posters and posters with several aliases do concern me--these ladies (?) both fit the bill.  I have not met Betty Brown, but I have met many of the other posters at this site, who do not post anonymously. I have met Dbra in person, but since an initial meeting her behavior has become especially insulting and demeaning at this site.

Do I have the energy to prevent them from taking down this site?  No.

Of course you have the

Of course you have the energy because you have the love of the old town.  You know aspirations and don't desire anyone's denigration.  Some types self-destruct naturally.  Let 'em rot from within slowly if you must.  And try to spare a tear.  Be business-like.  Conduct your own affairs well.  Try not to get spattered in a peeing contest.  You'll do fine.




There is no real "WE" at REALNEO. As I explain to folks who visit and want to post, but are concerned to be associated with the content posted here. 

This site allows your voice to be heard--it is an experiment.  My views and opinions DO NOT fall in lock step with the opinions of other posters here.

The site is meant to present different views.  Unfortunately, some folks don't see it that way and they are making it difficult to be heard here.



I'm honored

I'm honored to be on a list for consideration of blocking.

Jeff B - a question

what is the purpose of this "poll"?

I'm just curious. Its actually been amusing and fun - kind of like back in high school, particularly since you can vote multiple times.

but I'm still wondering what would compel you to create it? Whats your point?

The point?

I agree with you Dbra. Jeff, what's the point of this poll, other than making me feel honored to be considered for blockage?


there are so many repeat voters

 what is the purpose of this poll?

"I know you are but what am I?" and other classics from recess.

Hello all:

I feel as though I am forced to speak, yet find myself *almost* speechless. Fortunately, my fingers are finding the keyboard despite my tongue being stymied.

I have pondered many permutations and positions regarding the cost vs. benefit of this alleged "poll," and have conluded that you all are making me ill, sad, and more destitute than yesterday in my search for intelligent discussion.

Perhaps I can illustrate my point with, appropriately, a typical school age scenario:

In the schoolyard one sunny afternoon, a few students among the several begin to harass and take verbal pot-shots at a few other students. The situation escalates, leading to name-calling and some shouting. At some point, one of the students shouts "Alright stop! Let's just take a vote to see who everyone hates the most and let's wrap that person's mouth in duct tape."

Interestingly, considering my last few politically/legally oriented posts here together with this little analogy I've molded, I am reminded of a quote:

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner."

Good day to you all.


The Historian

Baaaa, Baaaa, You forgot

Baaaa, Baaaa,

You forgot that wolves will go for each others' throats--the lamb can still hope. 

And, don't forget the kid at the playground who cuts his nose to spite his face when he lights the M-80 in his hand and, well, just holds it.  The best thing for other kids, and for the lamb, is to step away and try not to laugh too hard.


Great Bold World...come out of hiding.

We miss your humor.....

Funny bone tickled.
Doprah is dead.

Always Appreciative,