Are you ALIVE?

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 03/22/2008 - 20:42.
Are you ALIVE?

Outside San Juan on the way to the Botanical Gardens

Planet of the Apes

My sister shot this photo and commented that the scene reminded her of the move Planet of the Apes. A fitting memorial image to Charlton Heston.  This is a mental note to myself to revisit his apocalyptic movies--Omega Man, Solyent Green and Planet of the Apes.


Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who is fighting to protect our green space in northeast Ohio.

We both confessed that we feel overwhelmed by the forces against us.

We asked how did we get ourselves into our current political and institutional morass of corruption?  Well, I thought of the word "morass" and it didn't used to have negative connotation, so I googled it for examples.  See the picture above.  It is a picture of a morass--a low area of soggy ground.  Funny thing, I worked here one fall, banding migrant birds.  The photo shows the marshes/morass of Long Point, Ontario, Canada.  We have to start seeing the bigger picture.