Cleveland Market Garden Training Program

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A 10-week  training program in business planning and urban agriculture for Cleveland area residents

--Learn how to earn money selling produce from your garden
--Learn useful business and entrepreneurial skills
--Learn growing methods that create higher yields
--Bring healthy produce into Cleveland neighborhoods
--Be part of Cleveland's emerging local food market

To register or request an application call 216-429-8238 or email taggart [dot] 32 [at] osu [dot] edu  Classes begin in January.  Applications are due December 28th.

The Market Garden Training Program is a project of Ohio State University Extension, Cuyahoga County

WEST --The December 11th class will be held at the Carnegie West Branch of the Cleveland Public Library from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

EAST--The December 13th class will be held at the Langton Hughes Branch of the Cleveland Public Library from 6:00-7:00 p.m..


Carnegie West Branch, Cleveland Public Library
1900 Fulton Rd
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Wow is this cool - need participants from East Cleveland

I'm am so glad to see lots of cool developments with local food around here. I was talking with Greg Williams (of Hot Sauce) about local food and getting off the food grid and he remembered how everyone in East Cleveland used to have vegetable gardens... and Greg is not that old, so this is not "back in the old days". I think the memory of this in the next generations is still fresh enough, especially in poorer neighborhoods where growing food was an economic decision, that it can come back in a big way, through efforts like this. I'll spread the word in East Cleveland to see if my community can be represented and educated on market gardening, as we need it there.

Disrupt IT

Morgan's on board

Norm--this is a ten-week series .  I am not sure how it is staged in terms of location, but perhaps Morgan can arrange to have one of the sessions at East Cleveland Public Library, which is a stone's  throw away from CPL's Langston Hughes--all convenient to the widening University Circle.

For your family, you can walk or ride west on Superior Ave. Langston Huges Branch will be on your left, just before you hit East Blvd. (okay, you have to have a good arm, but it is close). 

I hope that CWRU students show up en masse at Langston Hughes.  Let us know.

Cuyahoga 4-H program receives award

  Cleveland has been chosen as only one of three cities in the United States to receive a National 4-H Council/New York Life Insurance Foundation in Youth Governance Partnership grant for 2008. 

Cuyahoga County 4-H will receive $92,000 per year for the next three years to develop more 4-H clubs for underserved urban audiences, and involve young people in decision making and civic engagement efforts to develop life skills.  As part of the program, 4-H will also sponsor a delegation of the new 4-H members to attend the 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus program in Washington, D.C. each summer.