Help East Cleveland build a playground on June 14th!

Submitted by Annie Stahlheber on Mon, 06/11/2007 - 09:44.
06/14/2007 - 08:00
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Kaboom Playground Site in East Cleveland

This Thursday, June 14th at the Forest Hills park, community volunteers will be working with the KaBOOM! organization to build the children of East Cleveland their first playground!!  KaBOOM! is a national organization dedicated to creating a place to play within walking distance for every child in America.  They collaborate with The Home Depot, and are working with the Community Development and Parks and Recreation departments in East Cleveland on this playground. 

If you'd like to help out, your work is most appreciated.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at the playground at 8:00 AM, where you will be assigned to a "Build Captain".  You will work with a small team of volunteers to work on a part of the playground.  You might help build picnic tables, install playground equipment, supervise children's activities (such as artwork and thank you cards) create a garden, or serve food to hungry volunteers (everyone will receive breakfast and lunch). 

Location: Forest Hills park, in the lower valley.  Use the entrance close to the intersection of Terrace and Forest Hills ave. 

If you have any prizes that you'd like to donate to the event, this is also most appreciated.  Please bring these items with you on June 14th.  Thanks again!


Forest Hills Park
Entrance by Forest Hills and Terrace avenues (Driveway is on Forest Hills just south of Terrace)
East Cleveland, OH
United States
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KABOOM: 'Explosive' Energy in East Cleveland

Annie, thanks for the post - I'll certainly attend and bring some personable prizes for playground peeps and peers.  The 14th AM works for me, look forward to participating.

More on East Cleveland Community Garden developments developing - We'll soon be launching an EC community garden for which funds have been sought via the Weed and Seed DOJ urban garden social justice project.  This project was skillfully secured by East Cleveland Councilwoman and champion Barbara Thomas.

For some relevant information on urban gardens and renewal see this prior preliminary post, and excellent community garden writeup by REALNEO's own (Norm) Roulet.   The many benefits of community gardens which facilitate intimate intergenerational interaction and learning, harvest health benefits, and reap revenue rewards are evident.  We can also look forward to incorporating  East Cleveland Aquaculture as a key component to provide a synergistic input and output for the gardens.  A trip down to Oberlin, Ohio to broach best practices in this area is imminent.  Several other core components are being assessed for implementation toward sustainable economic development for EC.  More to come soon!


KaBOOM for East Cleveland

I stopped by the site of the new playground in Forest Hills Park today and it is really awesome - just the type of positive development needed in the park and East Cleveland... this will be a great local family destination when it is finished. Already today a large crew from KaBOOM, Home Depot, the US Army, the City of East Cleveland and many supporting individuals and organizations cleared the site for the playground and did the heavy lifting... see photo above. Now, what is needed is the help of more community volunteers to finish the job, this Thursday. I plan to help out and hope to see many friends of real NEO there. If you can't make it, you'll see a report on the results here shortly.

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Thanks Annie, Norm, and Sudhar !!! 

I'd LOVE to come but I'm on a plane out of town.