Garden Walk Cleveland June 25th

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 06/11/2011 - 16:42.
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garden walk

I have the garden walk included in my plans for Saturday. As I go through some side streets in Cleveland, I am seeing some amazing gardens tucked into residential areas. Some look well established and most are thriving. While Cleveland, by many accounts, continues its downward spiral, there are people who seize the moment and plant! 

garden walk

I went to one of the garden walks, and really enjoyed being welcomed into a variety of yards.

One of the most interesting was a yard that did not feature plants but instead, trains. An interesting fellow had made a set out of concrete, complete with mountains and valleys with trains running around both. Ski lifts were mounted on wires and moved between mountains. This was a raised concrete bed, made by the fellow, painted, and with figurines. 

It was a work of love and fun.

Nearby, on the ground, he had created a village, a village that was quite complex, with another set of trains.