E4S Third Tuesday Network Event on Design & Sustainability

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Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S)
Connecting People, Planet and Prosperity

Design : Transform : Sustainability

Presenting Sponsor - Great Lakes Brewing Company

Tuesday, March 21, 2005

5:30 - 6:15 P.M. Networking
6:15 - 7:30 P.M. Presentation/Work Session
7:30 - 8:30 P.M. Networking

What do you think about first when you think sustainability? Recycling and energy efficiency, right? We must start there but to be truly sustainable we will have to embrace whole-systems design in our communities, our buildings and the products we desire. We can not conserve our way into sustainability. Design will transform what it means to be sustainable just as sustainability is challenging designers to imagine new possibilities.

We will begin our exploration of whole-systems design with three E4S strategic partners:
  • Cleveland Public Art (CPA),
  • Cleveland Green Building Coalition (GBC) and
  • Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA).

Greg Peckham and Nicole McGovern from CPA will share examples of how art, design and sustainability come together to create beautiful sustainable communities both near and far. Elaine Barnes and Meghan Feran from CGBC will share a project they are working on with Emerging Architects. Doug Paige from CIA is back once again to share one of the many projects CIA students are working on as they learn whole-systems product design.

Bring along your design challenge whether it be a transportation systems challenge, product design trouble or building restoration opportunities. We will open the floor to attendee questions and tap into the power of the E4S Network to help you solve your design problems. Together we can build a more sustainable economy and community in Northeast Ohio!

"Sustainability is an Economic, Environmental and Community Design Strategy that starts by transforming buildings, businesses and products and ends up transforming our community."
- Holly Harlan, E4S Founder and President

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Location: Great Lakes Brewing Company - Tasting Room (on Carroll Avenue)

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Great Lakes Brewing Company Tasting Room, on Carroll Avenue Cleveland, OH
United States