Cleveland Sacred Architecture Tour I

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St. Colman

2027 W. 65th St.


St. Stephen

1930 W. 54th St.


AIA Cleveland

, the

Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America

have begun compiling tours of recently closed Catholic churches in Cleveland and the surrounding area in order to celebrate much of the architecture before it is lost forever. This first tour is to mark the beginning of a series in which groups of visitors will be led (by Tim Barrett) will be exposed to and have time to capture some of the grand spaces and details. Participants of the tours are encouraged to bring cameras (video and still), sketchbooks, etc. AIA Cleveland hopes to stage an exhibition of the recordings.

In light of the pending closure of so many of the region's Roman
Catholic churches, tours of several of the most significant ones have
been scheduled. On April 18, the first tour begins at 10 am, at St.
Colman Church, the second tour begins at 11:30 am at St. Stephen Church.
Future church tours will be announced as they are scheduled. The tours
are free of charge and Continuing Education Credits (1 HSW unit per
church) are available.


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From TOI Studio blog

Will local architects mobilize against the Diocese's close/demolish/cash-in  plans? This is a great first step.

And, much credit goes to Tim Barrett for saving St. Stephen's--but at the expense of St. Colman's?  The City of Cleveland and inner ring cities affected by the Diocese's decision have to put a stop to this immediate rezoning of church properties to commercial.  Seize the properties for community use, find willing congregations or non-ecumenical non-profit groups to assume the properties, and continue to landmark the interior and exteriors of these buildings.



Please Brian, what is the status of Cleveland City Council legislation regarding urban churches?  Landmark status?  St Barbara's, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Corpus Christi--St. Coleman's, St. Ignatius?...The whole list of 52 churches from Fox8 news site:

  • Conversion of St. Paul-Cleveland - The monastery of the Poor Clares will continue at the former site, as will the Friary of the Capuchin Friars
  • Blessed Sacrament-Cleveland
  • Epiphany-Cleveland
  • Our Lady of Mercy-Cleveland
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus-Cleveland
  • St. Adalbert - Cleveland
  • St. Barbara - Cleveland
  • St. Casimir - Cleveland
  • St. Cecilia - Cleveland
  • St. Emeric - Cleveland
  • St. Francis - Cleveland - Elementary school remains open at site
  • St. Hyacinth- Cleveland
  • St. Ignatius of Antioch - Cleveland - Elementary school remains open at site
  • St. Lawrence- Cleveland
  • St. Peter - Cleveland
  • St. Procop - Cleveland
  • St. Wendelin - Cleveland
  • SS. Philip and James - Cleveland
  • St. Hedwig - Lakewood
  • St. James- Lakewood
  • St. Margaret of Hungary- Orange Village
  • Holy Cross - Elyria
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus - Elyria
  • St. Joseph - Lorain
  • St. Ladislaus - Lorain
  • St. Stanislaus - Lorain
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus - Akron
  • St. Hedwig - Akron

    Please post if you know anything hopeful at all to update the status of these churches.

  • In this week's Scene, Michael Gill considers the future of the churches that the Cleveland Catholic Diocese will close in 2010. Because the church buildings will lose their property tax exemptions once they are no longer used by the Diocese, the Diocese may demolish the churches to reduce its tax obligations.