City of Cleveland QUIETLY moves forward with their plan to POISON west side residents

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City of CLEVELAND is fast-tracking Denison for one REASON -they want Denison to be able to handle heavy traffic for their proposed Incinerator Project, which is NOT dead - Please make sure that you attend this meeting and speak out on the underhanded priorities of this city administration.

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Extent of repaving for the Gasifier-Incinerator

The purpose of this meeting is to present the Denison Avenue rehabilitation project. Project limits are Denison Ave from Ridge Rd to SR 176, and W 62nd St between Denison and Barberton. This project is made possible due to investments being made by Cleveland Public Power (CPP) and is being carried out in collaboration with the City’s other utilities departments, Department of Public Works, and Cuyahoga County.

Ohio EPA is most likely pushing this scenario due to fires at Stark Landfill that accepts CLE waste:

Denison Project update

Cleveland Public Power will be investing 6 million dollars into trenching additional capacity lines for their power grid connecting substations at Harvard and Ridge Rd.  Additional monies are provided by the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.  

To complete the project, Denison Ave. will be torn up and repaved.  This may still be an attempt add the Incinerator at Ridge Rd. but there is an upside:  Perhaps, Jackson will be removed from office in time to eliminate the Incinerator for a better distributed energy production plan.  AND-cyclists may finally get a relatively smooth bike route connecting the neighborhoods like Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre with Gordon Square and the lakefront.

Council reps Michael Zone and Brian Cummins presented along with engineers from the city and with Middough.  I will attach  the program to this site.  Taking this project and turning it into a plus for residents will be an undertaking.  But, Bike Cleveland especially deserves credit for ramping up their members to show en masse and make an impact at last night's meeting.

 Jeff Sugalski, who organizes Pedal for Prizes and other community-building events, along with transportation analyst Angie Schmitt asked the 75-100 folks who were in attendance to express their desire for bike lanes by a show of hands and more that half of the room indicated the need.  

Bike Cleveland  provides advocacy for bikes, pedestrians and Complete Streets planning in Northeast Ohio.