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Whiskey Island, Fireworks and Picnics

For folks looking for the best place to view the Fireworks this Independence Day Holiday--I noticed that the Plain Dealer recommends Settler's Landing. 

Why?! I have no idea.  In a conversation with Diana Hill, she related her experience a while back because--as most folks know--Whiskey Island is the place to go.

The only problem is getting there and getting out afterwards.  The thing to do is to walk or ride from the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.  Today, I rode straight down West 65th, which runs right into the tunnel that takes you to the Lake. 

Walkway to Edgewater Beach

From there you have to ride the treacherously narrow road that leads to Whiskey Island.  Alternately, you might just park yourself on the lawn at Edgewater Beach.

Coast Guard Station

As I scoped out the territory, I came to the realization that I will probably just enjoy the show I get every year in my own neighborhood.  I was desperate for a swim today and when I got to Lincoln Park Pool in Tremont, the pump had shut down due to the storm and the pool lost water. It was closed today.  So, I rode to Whiskey Island and there is no place to swim there, so I also tried Edgewater and was put off by the flotsam and jetsam in the water there. Though, the great people show and the banana ice cream cone from Honey Hut brought great enjoyment.  I also amused myself by "racing" a twenty-something jogger on the bike path.  He thought that I was easy...an old lady on a bike...but, I beat him up the hill :)

The Berenstain Bears' Picnic parodies the American quest for the perfect picnic spot and the story always reminds me of my dear Apu.  The entire day was reminescent for me of Sundays spent with my European grandfather and grandmother--as we searched for the eternal picnic spot.   

So, after a BIG Adventure:

It turns out--the best place to picnic is HOME :)


Whiskey Island Fireworks....

In 2009 I spent the day before the 4th of July cooking & prepping for a picnic with family & friends at Whiskey Island. Aware of the lengthy lines leaving Whiskey Island into the wee hours of the night after the fireworks display; I loaded the car with chairs, blankets, kids, coolers, and enough to last us until way after the traffic jam would be over. Morever, knowing that there is limited space for parking on Whiskey Island; I left the house to be there before noon...which was pretty smart because the place was already packed far beyond capacity at that time. I believe that the gate keepers were turning away people by early afternoon. Some of my friends literally had to walk from Edgewater down that long path to Whiskey Island or hitch rides for a drop off. It was interesting how many folks thought that they could show up at 9pm and enjoy this park....Only those in taxis, on bikes & feet were able to get in at that point.... Our family had settled in for Volleyball, cooking out, sunning, and by the time the fireworks went off...we had the best seats in Northeast Ohio...I have never enjoyed such a great fireworks show in all of my life. It was like you were sitting right under those spectacular fireworks. They were so huge and it seemed like they were going to come right down on you...it was exhilirating...

Today; I enjoyed visiting my family and seeing some skies light up like the 4th of July... Yes, Laura, sometimes "home" with the family is better than all the best displays across our nation... With our family is where we know freedom more than anywhere... Peace of heart & Peace of mind....

I did the bicycle thing with the kids to through Edgewater & over to Whiskey Island a few weeks ago....the sites you might see along that "path" are quite intriguing....glad my kid "MISSED" them....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"