Vandalism around treehouse update

Submitted by tremontsoul on Fri, 05/28/2010 - 09:52.


Once again our maintenance we hired (exclusive of treehouse) which has been maintaining our property on an as needed weekly or bi-monthly basis for 10 years has had their hands increasingly full picking up trash--broken beer bottles, glass, pizza boxes, and other items around treehouse on our property. Not only does this create a very hazardous situation, but invites strays on the property.

We had removed the posts placed without our permission which prevented us from using and enjoying our own property; (as they mysteriouly re-appeared) had them removed yet again  at our own expense.  I have notified the councilman and TWDC several times of these and other infractions, still awaiting a response and discussion on appropriate action to curtail these activities.

If there is anyone that can guide me to departments that may possibly be more accessible and effectual in this process please let me know.

I am very confident that the councilman's and TWDC's promotional posturing and promoting statements of creating a beautiful streetscape which includes by all admission a greenscape to compliment the cities intense drive for a green initiative would be welcome with open arms and would be very supportive of that vision and charge we are leading for our property.


To maintain use and prevent damage, noise for the neighborhood we had reinstalled tow signs on our property and removed the wood posts that were again replaced preventing access to our own property 2 days ago on tues ,,, mysteriously they were ripped out and discarded as of thur. This definitely took some effort since they were heavy concrete based and set in the ground. Is this the type of activity that residents allow? There already is an outstanding court order. I'm sure there are many watchful eyes out there.

We had the signs replaced today-- and mysteriously the four wooden posts that we removed have reapeared---again blocking any access to our property


watchful eyes need to come forward 

If you look in the right

If you look in the right place - big brother is watching.

This apparently is some late night activity.   Sort of reminds me of the most abused little sign in Tremont   The one that was in front of the Tree House -  it was hacksawed off, what, three times.   I don't think they ever caught that culprit either - maybe now would be a good to suggest that it be pulled from the cold files.

Geezz...Enough is Enough already!

Please remember to make a police report of the vandalism....some people don't respect  other peoples''s so sad how people work so hard all their life...and others come and tear it down...or take it away,  to satisfy their own selfish "Wants" to fulfill their own selfish "Needs". 


engaging in a pattern of ongoing willful and malicious conduct = more severe civil punishment and:


Criminal damaging:property damage n. injury to real or personal property through another's negligence, willful destruction, or by some act of nature.

I did not notice any "No Trespassing" signs, but if there were signs and they trespassed:

2911.21 Criminal trespass.

(A) No person, without privilege to do so, shall do any of the following:

(1) Knowingly enter or remain on the land or premises of another;

(2) Knowingly enter or remain on the land or premises of another, the use of which is lawfully restricted to certain persons, purposes, modes, or hours, when the offender knows the offender is in violation of any such restriction or is reckless in that regard;

(3) Recklessly enter or remain on the land or premises of another, as to which notice against unauthorized access or presence is given by actual communication to the offender, or in a manner prescribed by law, or by posting in a manner reasonably calculated to come to the attention of potential intruders, or by fencing or other enclosure manifestly designed to restrict access;

(4) Being on the land or premises of another, negligently fail or refuse to leave upon being notified by signage posted in a conspicuous place or otherwise being notified to do so by the owner or occupant, or the agent or servant of either.

(B) It is no defense to a charge under this section that the land or premises involved was owned, controlled, or in custody of a public agency.

(C) It is no defense to a charge under this section that the offender was authorized to enter or remain on the land or premises involved, when such authorization was secured by deception.

(D)(1) Whoever violates this section is guilty of criminal trespass, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

time to plant in the lots

It is time to plant in these lots to make people aware that this is space that is independent of the Treehouse. I have plants to donate if people are willing to dig, and they can always be moved later when the family puts in the more formal plans and gardens. We can also do a kids flower gardens in the front area as children love to grow pretty flowers, such as sunflowers.  

We are better off with a piece of paradise rather than paving over for a parking lot. 

DO come and get some of my plants!

I was just mulling over a title to entice as many people as possible to read a similar topic (little money, you can still have flowers; magically multiply roses, flower-sharing with your neighbors, and yes, beautify vacant spaces)

If those of you coming to see my rose garden would come when you have time to do a little careful shoveling or come again, I badly need spiderwort divided, even paid my neighbor to do it and a few other garden chores for me when he has time, under my supervision.The huge clumps that are dug up will still need to be divided.

Bring containers to separate the various plants.

Most of the stuff in my garden I can yank and then hand to you. The paths between my roses are vary narrow, and indeed between one side of the brick patio and roses, so it is best that I move there. Even I have broken off buds and tips of branches.

Ferns don't need much to pull them up, usually.

I just threw out coral bells, much as it pained me, but I think a few more segments can come up.

I have various perennial geraniums, will have to look at each clump.

Siberian Iris have already bloomed, but their leaves are pretty.


Monarda is just coming up, so I am not sure if I have too much of it, seems to me some of it died off.

For a MAJOR project, I have a small old garden climber growing against a wall I will contribute if someone will dig it up. It has never bloomed where it is, probably doesn't get enough sun. Here are photos of it You can move some, but not many, things near it, and you should wear thorn-proof clothes.

In the front, between the public sidewalk and a wooden fence, I have planted stuff and we can probably find ever-blooming bleeding heart to pull up.

Gallica roses sucker and spread underground, but that takes time, and I'm not sure the owners want to find a rose unexpectedly popping up someplace a few years later.

Remind me to contribute some Love Lies Bleeding/Nigella (how is that for a name!) and Four o'Clocks. It isn't too late to plant these. In fact I haven't planted the nigella yet, and not all the Four O'Clocks. These last two are annuals, but self seed.

That is all I can think of at the moment. You may have to remind me when you come over. My brain is often a sieve nowadays.





tremontsoul mentioned

tremontsoul mentioned something to me yesterday about a "secret garden" and the "Gernaga Sculpture  Garden." 

I've been researching some of the native flowers/plants that were used in the gardens around the turn of the 1900s - that were used in the gardens of the mansions and millionaire's row.

For whatever reason, I'm not sure, TWDC does not seem to be in tune with making this a garden.  With everybody wanting this to be a pedestrian friendly neighborhood, what better way to utiliza a vacant lot than something everyone can enjoy.   

We've also been discussing this project among the members of the OSS and several of them (long-time friends of tremontsoul's mother) are willing to volunteer their time and donate plants and flowers as well. 

I think we can come up with a plan that would beautify the area on a temporary basis until the property owners decide on more permanent plans. 

Of all the complaining about negativity - since tremontsoul and his family came up with this idea, they have met nothing but resistance.

Hopefully, TWDC and the Councilman will come on board - this would be a super project for a Neighborhood Connections Beautification grant.  Even some ornamental fencing would really look good.


Tell TWDC to work on saving lives - or SHUT THEM DOWN

At this stage I consider the leadership of TWDC and Cimperman to be evil. They harm all people of this region by ignoring the pollution coming from their neighborhood, putting new residents (who should not move to Tremont) in greater harm, harming existing residents more, and dooming all citizens of the region to poor health and poverty.. all for an interesting view?

I look forward to learning more about Cimperman and his relations to Mittal and other polluters in particular, as he does not seem to care about air pollution at all, and pollution in violation of federal EPA standards spews from his ward, killing the region.

Tell TWDC to work on saving lives - they should be ashamed of themsleves for killing people with their wrongful development initiatives, putting people in harm's way. They obviouvlsy don't care about any human life... clueless to the greatest fault possible - or SHUT THEM DOWN for all our safety.

Disrupt IT


Tremont's own local farmer, Eric Hooper, has been denied the priviledge of participating in the TWDC sponsored community event of the year - Taste of Tremont.

Not only does TWDC reap the proceeds from the $350.00 per vender fundraiser but they highly recommend and encourage the community residents to attend, spend their money and support this street affair.

According to Chris Garland, there is a cut off date whereas all participants must turn in an application as well as ante up the costly fee.  In a conversation with event organizer Amy Pappas on June 9, 2010, she was willing to suspend the rules for me if I - 1.  had a professional kitchen in which to prepare the food, 2.  Had a food license.  3.  could get the cash to her by the end of the day. 

Since I don't have a "professional" kitchen - I spoke with Eric who has been very much intereted in participating and relayed the conditions to him.

Yesterday, Eric first infomed me that everything was cool, that he was waiting for Amy to send him an application by electronic mail and he would be headed right over to meet her with the money he had struggled to save.  A short time later Eric contacted me with the sad news that he was not going to be permitted to participate - even though he had worked so hard to earn the entrance fee.

Taking into consideration the it is past the deadline, etc., the event date is still more than a month away and no doubt there is some small area that could accomodate this community resident and his rib stand.  If meeting the conditions, I was going to be accepted late, why would Eric Hooper be denied?

Is this discrimination?  Is this yet another malfunction of "OUR" community organization?   Who's calling the shots?  We're all engulfed with the hot air spewing out of the "fault" in regards to the welcoming, encouraging and come hither participations of the residents which include the poor and the minorities and yet, knowing full well that many residents would find it nearly impossible to come up with that money, the must get some satisfaction our of kicking the less fortunate or anybody they don't approve of.

What caught my attention was the  requirement for food preparations being prepared in a "professional" kitchen.  Wouldn't that leave anyone grilling hotdogs and burgers out of the loop?  What about them and then some with a kitchen on wheels?

Mr. Hooper was able to secure the privilege of utilizing a professional kitchen and in his delight at the possibility of being accepted yesterday, he began scurrying around for the supplies he would need.

Today, I received a thank you from Eric for my help in trying with a disheartening and defeated statement that he was giving up and closing his doors to everyone.  In his words - "he had been black balled."







sammycatania [at] twdc [dot] org">sammycatania [at] twdc [dot] org AND THEY WILL BE FORWARDED TO MR. LENEGHAN ...THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS MATTER.

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Subject: Please Help


I hope all is well. I am writing this email to ask for the assistance of both The City and TWDC. For years, I have maintained the adjoining property to the Treehouse, owned by Mrs. Gernaga with landscaping and snow shoveling. This property owner has been an absentee owner and her representative, Mr Gernaga lives in another state. If I didn't maintain their property the value of my business and the surrounding businesses would suffer greatly from the unsightly view of over growing grass, trash and animal feces. Furthermore, this property has created a major safety issue as it is a sheet of ice during the Winter. If we didn't shovel and maintain their sidewalks during the Winter, our guests along with the galleries, churches and other restaurants guests would of most certainly fallen and injured themselves. Dont forget about the elderly and handicapped residents of Tremont that need to utilize the bank and Professor Market daily and have to utilize this walk way during the Winter. Additionally, thier icy sidewalks would deter most guests from enjoying my establishments which would incur further damage to my business.

Recently, this land owner has decided to become verbal about their boundaries of property. I would gladly cut the grass for them again at my cost this time as a continued example of being a good neighbor, but we do not want to cross their property line per a posted sign. I would ask that you drive by this property as I have taken pictures and see its conditions. First of all I believe it is against City Law with the height of the grass, trash and animal feces. Secondly, the isore it has created puts a stain on the main street of Tremont. Sammy, I ask that you coordinate the proper agencies within the City of Cleveland to rectify this problem. The condition of thier property continues to damage my business and we have not invested countless dollars, created hundreds of jobs, created award winning facilities, and revistilized and rented over 50 properties in over 15 years in Tremont to have the adjoining property continue to damage our hard work.

Please help! I can forward the pictures if necessary.

Tom Leneghan

THIS LETTER WAS PRINTED IN THE TREMONT BUSINESS ROUNTABLE NEWSLETTER and sent out to all the businesses in the neighborhood.  How's this for an open, friendly, warm welcoming hospitality venue. 


This is an attack on someone who was a long-time and well respected business owner in Tremont, owns property and pays taxes, is a long time member of St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church on College, is respected and loved by many residents, who is generous and willing to allow her property beautified for the good of everyone and she's being treated like an outcast.

I find this nothing short of inciting animosity. 




From: Tom Leneghan [