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Steelyard Commons TIF Fund

Project Ideas



September 12, 2011

Tremont West Development Corporation is allocated $114,880 from the

Steelyard Commons TIF Fund. Eligible projects include: marketing and

promotion; capital items; neighborhood small and start up businesses;

neighborhood arts projects; streetscape;industrial sites, land acquisition to

support the Towpath Trail.

The following project ideas have been proposed:

1. Gateway and directional signage $40,000

* Replicate West 7th Street gateway signage throughout the neighborhood.

Install in key locations. 10 signs @ $3000 each.

* Design and install directional signage, i.e. to parking areas, valet areas,

highway entrances.

3. Security cameras $20,000

* Two City of Cleveland cameras @ $10,000 each.

4. Graffiti abatement $5,000

* Maintain supplies for neighborhood wide graffiti abatement and clean ups.

5. Tremont Holiday Brewhaha $3,000

* Add festive elements to the December ArtWalks, including trolley service.

Organize a family holiday party on Saturday, December 10th.

6. Tremont Holiday Lighting $9,000

* Add an additional 14 holiday pole light fixtures.

7. Snow removal $3,000

* Manage a snow removal plan for business districts in the Tremont

neighborhood. This will serve as an example of the benefits of a BID

8. Neighborhood Wide Valet Program $5,000

* Create a marketing plans and marketing materials for the neighborhood

wide valet program.

9. Roundabout $8,000

* Remove plant material, add soil and knockout roses. Tremont Gardeners

will maintain.

10. Neighborhood flags TBD

* TWDC and Residents and businesses can split the purchase of a

neighborhood flag.

11. Camera rebate program $5,000*

* Rebate program for neighborhood stakeholders.

12. New business start up fund $15,000*

* Create a fund for new businesses to open in Tremont.

*Eligibility has not yet been approved through City of Cleveland.













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During the September 15, 2011, TWDC Board meeting is sort-a came out that there was $65,000 donate to TWDC by Lutheran Hospital.  $25,000 was to be placed in a trust and the remaining $40,000 was to be used for "quality of life" improvements in the community.

According to the discussion, this $40,000 has already been allocate by ex Executive Director Chris Garland.  As per the discussion, Garland did not disclose plans for where the money would be spent so, therefore, apparently there was no approval for delegated funds and no one could provide a list of "quality of live" projects the $40,000 would be paying for. 


I think the people have a right to know.

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Lily_Miller_520 September 29, 2011, 4:42PM

Steelyard Commons recently donated $114,800 to Cimperman's favorite development corporation, Tremont West Development Corporation. Cimperman and Tremont West Development have engaged in highly suspicious activity for over well over a decade.

An employee of TWDC is a taxpayer paid developer for the Tremont area and also is/was a private developer in the same Tremont area at the same time for years. Conflict of interest?

Link to story

Lilly,Lets not forget the


Lets not forget the $65,000 from Lutheran Hospital as well.  $45,000 of which was to be spent on improving the quality of life in Tremont.  Todate, no one knows or has seen the plans for suc project.

How about  all the people who live next to the bars - provide some sound proofing for the resident property owners - this will so be needed since Cimperman sold out (to the highest bidder) on the new legislation for music/entertainment/noise.


oh, excuse me Jerleen

Didn't mean to leave anthing out- like ArcelorMittal's donation.

How's the fake cameras coming along?

More PD comments


catchfive September 29, 2011 at 3:27PM

Cimperman's questionable oversight:
Steelyard Commons
Ameritrust Bldg.
RTA projects
(how much more can the public expect to pay for corrupt contracting in Cimperman's ward?)



lvl September 29, 2011 at 4:53PM

July 28, 2008 Feds raid Cuyahoga county offices. Know what else happened that day?



catchfive September 29, 2011 at 3:06PM

Ah, come on PD. Post the Steelyard Commons connection. It's in Cimperman's ward, isn't it?
It's the only $120 million development in 2006.





Sabra Pierce Scott charged in corruption probe

The fake/disfunctional

The fake/disfunctional cameras and simply just that.

I have been waiting for months for requested information from TWDC.  For the past couple of months a meeting was supposed to be scheduled to discuss the camera project invoices' etc., however, they (TWDC) just keeps putting me off.

At the Sept. Board meeting I requested (followed up with a written request) to be allowed to take a look at paid/unpaid invoices that were submitted for payment relating to the cameras and, again, I have been put off - with the implied promise that I will ge to view the documents.

I do believe that the follow up camera story is going to be written without the requested information.  I do not plan to put it off much longer.  Probably a November/December story.  Will definitly be out before the TWDC Annual meeting in January.



quality of life

I have been pondering this for a few hours......gas masks to offset the pollution rising up from the steel mill. Public urinals for the 2:00 AM drunk pissers. Barf bags for the likewise.

Benches for the new green space where Frank's Giglio's house once stood? 

The one thing I didn't

The one thing I didn't mention - some of these high-priced ideas were tendered up by the TWDC staff.  Especially the $40,000 for directional signs - $3,000 each?  They're talking about the steel post with an orange vine that says Tremont.

$8,000 for that dead-weed prairie circle on West 14th Street, to be maintained by "Tremont Gardeners."

 "Landscaping around the sculpture, provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation as part of the project that extended Quigley Rd. to 14th St. and created the traffic circle, was augmented by and is maintained by the all-volunteer Tremont Gardeners"

This was copied from a Cleveland Public Art web page.

$3.000 for another brewhaha - how many brewhahas does it take to sustain one neighborhood?

Who does this little frolic benefit?  Think about it.




Public Funding Math Equations: NO competitive lower bids???

Gateway and directional signage $40,000: 10 signs @ $3000 each only equals $30,000?


Security cameras $20,000 for  Two City of Cleveland cameras @ $10,000 each...

for $20,000 you can buy cameras for every corner at a regular store and pay to have them hooked up all over the community.... WASTEFUL SPENDING with LESS RESULTS! A local business owner has her business covered with a 16 camera system that totally covers multiple areas and is available 24/7 ONLINE! SURREAL WASTEFUL SPENDING BY THESE AGENCIES! 

Tremont Holiday Lighting $9,000 for: * Add an additional 14 holiday pole light fixtures.

SERIOUSLY: Let's decorate and hide the people losing homes and in dire need of help to get back on their feet...let's make pretty and pretend like all is okay!!! ???? WTF??? WOW....for $9k you all get 14 holiday light pole fixtures....and for $20k you all will get 2 security cameras???? 


Snow removal $3,000: * Manage a snow removal plan for business districts in the Tremont neighborhood. This will serve as an example of the benefits of a BID.... and WHO WILL GET THIS CONTRACT? When will the open bidding process be implemented? 

Neighborhood Wide Valet Program $5,000: * Create a marketing plans and marketing materials for the neighborhood wide valet program. all are absolutely amazing....and who benefits from that VALET PROGRAM???? Do the residents of your community get to have their cars parked for free in their own driveways? SERIOUSLY.... ??? 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

$15k for Small Business Start Up....intriguing....

12. New business start up fund $15,000:  Create a fund for new businesses to open in Tremont....

DON'T FORGET....only the "CONNECTED" Folks end up getting those funds...So that is the biggest joke of all! 




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Clark Field Meeting this Wednesday


Please join Councilman Cimperman, TWDC, Safety Director Flask, City of Cleveland Planning, and Ohio Canal Corridor for an important public meeting about all things Clark Field. At the meeting, you will hear:


  •  Updates on the Clark Field Capital Improvement Plan,
  •  Updates on the Towpath Trail
  •  Information about the consolidation of the City's Impound Lots
  •  Updates on the new City of Cleveland Kennel


Wednesday, September 28th

6:00PM - 8:00PM

OLA/St. Joseph Center

(2346 West 14th Street)

Clark Field Meeting on Towpath, Impoundment lot and Kennel

  I will briefly summarize.  There was a young man recording the event.  Perhaps, someone also present can provide a link to the video of tonight's meeting.  

Councilman Cimperman ran an effective public meeting.  Tim Donovan, George Cantor, acting Tremont West Director and other city officials outlined the layout of improvements to Clark Field. Essentially, the overall improvements have been stalled by lengthly review process at ODOT and in Columbus.  If review can be expedited--residents can expect to see towpath construction and new amenties by 2013.  Otherwise, at the current rate of negotiating the bureaucratic morass --nothing will happen until 2014. 

The towpath alignment will pick up from Steelyard and traverse Holmden properties owned by Klein and Osborne to connect via Clark  and through to Clark Field, where the trail skirts the perimeter of the existing park along the western and northern perimeter.  Kennels and dog park are also slated for improvements.  The revamped park will have four baseball diamonds, two football/soccer fields, tennis courts and dog park adjacent to the existing dog kennel, which will be improved.  Officer Beard from the Kennels made a plea for these needed improvements.

City Safety Director Martin Flask, and Clerk of Courts Earle Turner also discussed consolidating impoundment lot services into a one-stop location off current West Third location.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Councilman Cimperman asked for an overall vote on the proposed layout of improvements to Clark Field.  All hands were raised in favor--and I did not see any votes against the proposed plan.

lmcshane - thanks for report on Clark Fld meeting.

Thank you for attending the meeting and taking your time to make your report. 

Every public meeting needs to be recorded and available on the web.  You are moving us in that direction.




Jeff b