Tremont Renaissance Years Flashback #1 - Church Bell Project 1990

Submitted by RAG on Mon, 03/08/2010 - 21:52.

Tremont Renaissance Years Flashback #1 

Tremont Church Bell Project - centered in Lincoln Park with dozens of artists and ten churches participating in a composition for Church Bells.

In June will be the 20th anniversary of the Tremont Church Bell Project 1990.

Created by Dennis Maxfield and Amy Sparks and presented in conjunction with the annual

Sonic Disturbance International New Music and Sound Festival in 1990.

Also Featured was Benoit Maubrey of Die Audio Gruppe of Germany...more...


It's on my to-do list to sort through the archives and post some things. The website is up. I'll be adding things periodically over the summer I hope. SOME OF THE MATERIAL WAS MISTAKENLY DONATED TO CSU.


Tell people about this and they think you're making things up.

Was there, it was great.  Sonic Disturbance is great.  Nice that others remember too.

This post made the night.   Thank you.



Glad to know you were here during the Tremont Renaissance


It was a great time to be here. Vibrant and diverse.

3 participating churches are gone


At least 3 of the churches that participated in the Tremont Church Bell Project 1990 are closed or will be closing.

Peter and Paul

Holy Ghost

Our Lady of Mercy


One of the most beautiful things I have always loved about this community was the church bells that would ring out on Sundays.  That no longer happens  - I would really love to get up on a Sunday morning and hear that melodious sound once again. 

church bells

I love hearing them, too. I have learned over the years that we are all being called to prayers of different themes at certain times.

RAG, I hope that you were able to capture this in photos 20 years ago, and share some here.

I was in Tremont a lot during this time as my parents lived in Tremont for many years. It was a vibrant, happening place 20 years ago. The influx of artists was so exciting and it was a good fit for the neighborhood at that time.

20 years ago

seems so long and like yesterday. 

yes met some great people who have greatly influenced positive things in Tremont, the Southside and life in general.

sometimes fear all that energy attracted some less friendly stuff.

kinda like having a really great party and then the wrong kids find out, come late and wreck the fun.  

though fact is there are many good people who have come since.  not sure when the nasty, gossipy, in fighting started, but it has been a drag. 

p.s. photos of the sound installation?

just had to ask.  hope it brings a laugh, that's all that was intended.

: )





nasty, gossipy, in fighting? yes - oh my oh my!

where did it come from? It wouldn't be the gal who -

- fired half her volunteer staff while campaigning for council and spread nasty lies about her opponent;

- sat in my bedroom month after month and methodically removed from a list of hundreds the Tremont Artwalk postcard mailing the label for every person she didn't like or ever had a falling out with;

- routinely kicked people out of openings at her gallery - just because she didn't like them and didn't want them eating her food and drinking her beer;

- couldn't go for a 10 minute car ride without a long litany of nasty bitching about anyone and everyone who ever offended her;

- cancelled the shows of two male artists because I decided to date them instead of her;

- to this day screws up the Artwalk listing of any show I have a part in;

- stalks me on blog sites for the sole purpose of annoying me;

- continues to spread lies about the many many people she dislikes for whatever petty reason;

- holds grudges for two decades;

- always fails to use subjects in her sentences - a very odd habit.

Oh, and has no retirement plan other than her Tremont property and will be damned if these high and mighty ethical people are going to rake up mud and bring down her property value.

no, no. no - Tremont has a long legacy of of "nasty, gossipy, in fighting(sic)" and a certain Queen of Nasty.

was responding to dwebb's

  >>It was a vibrant, happening place 20 years ago. The influx of artists was so exciting and it was a good fit for the neighborhood at that time.<<

agreed.  thank you.


frank had parties

 20 years ago.  sad to see that part of the hood/history been so run over.