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Time to say goodbye. Time to say goodbye to the poisonous politics of greed. Time to say goodbye to our bought-out politics. Time to say goodbye to people as Sam Miller and his type of cynical use of our politics. Forest City Enterprises executives now call for “an open process” when the decision on the Medical Mart and convention center don’t go its way. What a sick laugh. Just the audacity of the behind-the-scenes manipulators asking for the light of public sunshine is shocking. Forest City’s Sam Miller and Al Ratner have run the string out. They’ve taken and taken from the city and the county. From tax abatement of their luxury Ritz-Carlton, from their scraping away millions of tax dollars at the Halle building, from their pocketing of tens of millions in tax subsidies at Tower City, from their $25 million lawsuit against RTA after RTA employed as construction managers of its facilities at Tower City, of its charging RTA about $1 million rent a year for the privilege of bringing tens of thousands of people to its doorstep via the rapid, of the $60 plus million spent to put the Waterfront Line though Tower City, from the $13-million walkway through Tower City to Gateway and the walkway to the new federal building, to the building of the new federal building on their land, there has been a corruption of the public business – mayor after mayor, county commissioner after county commissioner. Time to say goodbye to the politics of grab and take. Time to say goodbye to the politics of buying favors. Now, a decision goes against their will. It tells me that they have lost the grip as other king-makers here have before. So time to say goodbye. Time to say goodbye Forest City. Goodbye Sam. Go to New York. Take your headquarters with you. Get out! Go! Take the Medical Mart and convention center with you. Take your sordid politics, too.

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these people are foul

it really has become just absurd.

giving up can be worth it

Good recap Roldo. News Flash!!! Roldo understands business 101 - how to make a decision to let go of the sunk costs and the project.

And Roldo is a journalist - not a businessman! But he's been watching businessmen for some time now. Could these businessmen learn from him?

When do you suspect we'll hear that MMPI is taking their game to NYC instead of Cleveland? How much more money can they take from Cleveland taxpayers before they have solved all the medmart issues here and confirm that

1) it was a lame idea to begin with or

2) Cleveland is corrupt every way you turn or

3) that they can join with Forest City on Atlantic Yards in NYC and make a killing on something else or or or...

make up your own scenario.

This is an interesting story on heroism and business:

Don't be a hero: Giving up is good

"Here’s the problem: You agree that feature X can be done in two hours. But four hours into it, you’re still only a quarter of the way done. The natural instinct is to think “but I can’t give up now, I’ve already spent four hours on this!”.

So you go into hero mode. Determined to make this work, but also embarrassed that it isn’t already so. So the hero grabs his hermit cape and isolates himself from feedback."

Let's stop beating this dead horse and get on with the important stuff like fixing our water infrastructure, our city streets, our schools, our safety our public transit. Dear commissioners, mayor, GCP and MMPI folk - we would be happy to let it go if you will just stop now.