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Has there been not even a peep about a recall election of Dimora and Russo? I remember when they rushed through one for Mayor Dennis Kucinich. It failed, but still. This one probably would have passed.

And no one has bothered to run against Councilman Cimperman since I can't remember when. True, it takes money to run and get your name before the public.

But Henry Sendyak already has a measure of name recognition. He could run on the slogan "Who Doesn't Want to Save $ - I'll Give Ya a 'Kill-a-Watt' " My suggestion being that, once elected, if CPP doesn't do the right thing and donate them, he could use funds available and pay for them out of Ward monies AND use Ward funds to hire people to train people how to use them.

I think the tea leaves are being misread by Republicans, sentiments are "Throw the bums out!" Republican incumbants, Democratic incumbants--out. So, I certainly think he'd have a fighting chance and hereby nominate him should he choose to run. So get behind him and  shove hard everyone.






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Henry Senyak

I don't believe that Senyak would participate in land stealing either.  

Shove really hard or get a good pair of steel toe boots..

Some interesting reading.

We put ourselves at the mercy of those we elect to represent our interest in the wards in which we live. 

What I find so distasteful is the ostracization of community residents when they disagree with the plans or actions of those we elect to represent us. 

The treatment comes with kisses, praises, inclusions, consideration, etc., until the day comes when you end up on the opposing side of issues or the subject at hand - one can very quickly become "blackballed" from communications and participations.

In reading through Chapter 5 of the City of Cleveland Codified Ordinance, I found no language that suggested "one must go along to get along." 

While there is no law which states that a candidate cannot run unopposed, in leveling the playing field we should never allow any candidate from any part of our city to win by default. 

When the everyday working class, elderly, handicapped and people of lesser advantage are losing their rights, their property, their quality of life, their right to breath clean air and the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, it is time to stand up and be heard.

We do have something called the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that guarantees us certain unalienable rights.  We should never be intimidated into relinquishing any of those liberties. 


I plan to start RECALLS in EC

I'm taking the pollution issue in EC to the City Council and Mayor - if they don't come to an understanding about burning coal here I intend to start immediate recall proceedings and take their futures to the citizens polluted on the streets.

I will walk the streets of EC until we have leadership here that will protect citizens of EC from environmental injustice!

Done - over - forever. The more turnover and indictments the better.

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