Springtime in CLE

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 19:40.

A beautiful day--for the adventurous--a bike ride circuit to explore: take bike on rapid to E. 120th, ride Wade Park to East Blvd, stop by Michael R. White school, see gardens and Farmer's Yard that could be put to productive land use, ride East Blvd to Cleveland Rockefeller Greenhouse, take photos, ride along Martin Luther King Blvd (aka Rockefeller Blvd) to Art Museum, see Rembrandt show, see CIA show, grab late lunch of chai and falafel and GREAT conversation with Shariq at Algebra Tea House, take rapid to West Side Market, pick up dinner fixings, ride to Tremont to pick up cds from Visible Voice and run into CLE's own dynamo Jan Ridgeway and her beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law.  Bike HOME and the artist is cooking dinner. LIFE is BEAUTIFUL!

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Planning a Wedding??

The Rockefeller Greenhouse is quite possibly the most romantic
and lovely place to stage a wedding--as this family discovered today.
It's also economical at $175.00 to rent the space--it is limited to
smaller weddings and you have to bring your own chairs.  So, plan accordingly.

Rembrandt and CIA show

Get out and enjoy while you can !

Paul Revere School in CLE ?

Same architect as Michael R. White School?...a friend mentioned today the similarities...



In any case--will there be gardens at both schools this summer??? One wonders!  At one time, Michael R. White School, formerly known as Miles Standish--had an extensive and productive summer garden.