Sonic 365

Submitted by RAG on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 18:32.

2010 Music Video Calendar

Sonic365 is up today with a new video everyday in 2010.
Also dennis maxfield 2001 Albedo Zero cd will be available to download soon.
Currently "Dusk" is playing to Clark Avenue Bridge photo backdrop.

Norm it's fortuitous

fortuitous i guess. I've been working on making slide shows or little movies like your bridge movie to go with some old music of mine that i'm dusting off. dennis

NEO talent

 It gives me some hope for our dysfunctional universe...keep making beautiful noise and wake people up with your imagery.

Very nice!

Great score - you did that as well?

Disrupt IT

yes. the music is mine


it's from a collection of live solo performances i made quite a while ago. it was included in a cd - Albedo Zero. i don't have any more of those. thanks.

Nice to collaborate with you

making art public on realNEO

Disrupt IT