Skype will be Open Source!

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Mon, 11/02/2009 - 10:00.

For those of us that use Skype we have enjoyed a service that has opened the doors of communication to countries and neighbors alike.  Being able to chat, talk, or video chat from PC to PC has been wonderful!  There are plenty of programs that do this as well (i.e. iChat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk), what is really exciting is that Skype will be Open Sourced.  Projects like Gizmo tried this but never took hold like Skype.  Since eBay has released it's grips on Skype there is open skys of opportunity and this is certainly an amazing step forward for the FOSS community.  It should be very interesting to see what creative FOSS developers will do with this, I am sure we will see multiperson video conference soon (something sorely missing in the current version).



Open Source Skype

Tim and I love Skype.  It makes it so easy to communicate with our 1 year old granddaughter and her parents in K-town TN. She runs to the computer to get close to us and touches the screen.  It is so great to watch her grow. It makes the time tolerable between visits.


Thanks fpor the good news that it will be open source. I have been afraid that it will go away. Now, it won't.

the jetson's future is coming

There is a company that I came across in this area that was marketing a videophone (like the Jetson's). It was sweet except you had to have high speed internet or the picture jerks and sound cuts and jumps like when you have bad digital TV reception. I don't think cable users would suffer (the Max Headroom Experience), the quality seemed pretty good.

The name of the outfit escapes me, I was so underwhilmed by their business format I threw away the flyer.

Skype and the personal PC with cam seems a better, cheaper and more convenient deal.


the jetson's may have a

the jetson's may have a videophone but the smiths are getting jiggy with web cams and instant messenger.