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The September full moon also known in the northern hemisphere as the “Corn Moon” and by the Chinese as the “Chrysanthemum Moon” -- was sighted on the east side of Jefferson Park on the mostly cloudy evening of Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – shortly after 10:00 p.m.
The photographs were taken with a small hand-held digital camera from the sidewalk along West 133rd Street – and appear more eerie than the views from the human eye.
It was quiet all around with an occasional car passing by.
The full moon -- a sight to behold -- is a marvel in our mysterious universe.
Formed 4.6 billion years ago – our moon always presents the same face to us – because it spins on its axis at the same rate it orbits planet Earth.
I met a neighbor walking her dog – and together we admired the view of the full moon.
I took many photographs -- spread over 40 minutes – before I decided to go home.
Smoky – our outside feral cat (seen in the last photograph) accompanied me as I walked along the sidewalks and back. She is shown sitting at the bottom of the steps to our front porch – as the full moon pierced through the tree branches in our front yard.

The next full moon will arrive on October 5.
Have a happy lunar month –of whatever is left of it.

Note: Sorry for the delayed post. I am slowly learning how to work with my left hand – after experiencing a fall in the tennis court – nearly 2-months ago – a fall that has dislocated some of the bones in my right wrist and also damaged the nerve producing numbness. I am not experiencing any sustained pain – and being a senior citizen – most probably will not undergo the suggested surgeries. Now I mostly use my left hand with partial support from the right hand. In fact I have learned how to play solo tennis on the net with my left hand.

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