A Rose Garden in Honor of Mom Under Old Glory

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 20:46.


Life is not perfect for any family under the sun. Yet, there was a day in time when families actually spent quality time with each other on holidays. They set aside all their differences to celebrate holidays together and to share quality time... Dinners made with love by charismatic women, card games at the table before dinner, and kids in the other room watching classic Disney movies seemed to be part of those days. At some houses, the ladies did dishes while men chattered in the other rooms. Elaborate buffets or sit down dinners at Grandma's house was the trend. Every family member showed up despite all the indifferences that could be imagined. Kids played without interruption and enjoyed the treasures of cousins, Aunts & Uncles, and the toyrooms in their family homes. Desserts included hand carved watermelon fruit baskets and homemade apple pies. Without enough chairs for everyone, husbands and wives sat on eachother's laps, kids sat on the floor, and no one complained at Grandma's house.

Whereever life has taken me; those memories of love, being with family, and enjoying a childhood shared with countless family members keeps me warm in thought. I enjoy stopping by a relative's home now for a quick "hello".  I feel so blessed to have by gones for all of life's challenging differences. I feel blessed to know so many wonderful souls in our community. I am grateful for the experiences and love I have known as a human being. I feel so blessed.

I hope our world stops being divided and full of judging people who cannot just accept eachother. Last week, I was blessed to have the help of a practical stranger to go and rebuild my mom's memorial garden. I am so happy that it now looks fresh and ready for more expansion. Without their consideration this project may have been put on hold. Yet, by sharing in the idea of community and caring about the little things...an obstacle was overcome.

I pray that everyone enjoys a smile and a hug over this holiday weekend. Life is simply too short to harbor sadness, frustration, and feel alone! For all those who sit alone today; know in your heart that I am sending out a hug and a smile in hopes that you will know that you are NOT alone! May God Bless! Happy Easter to my RealNeo Family!

Mom had a deeply loving personality that was the fruit of our life. Her Fruit Baskets were made with love for holiday dinners. Last year, I had a bunch of roses planted to begin a rose garden for her. The planter also thought they'd help my garden out by putting in a bunch of TOMATO PLANTS! I just had the entire garden redone this past week and had more rose bushes planted. I hope to expand it each year. Mom was the foundation of all our faith, love, and charisma... Now, I will work to put a new flag atop this flag pole where the little rose garden has been started... Her tulip garden sprouted again this year and remains a framework of her home. I hope to expand that garden as well. At least this year the kids have not pulled the flowers to give away as they have historically! Smiles...



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