RED ALERT - HIGHEST- TERRORISM ( gay games - tremont - cleveland etc.) (update: how we intell - analyst)

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i left a red alert - the highest red alert message for joe cimperman because he and past present staff know of my esp remote viewing astro projection etc. - common sense

there will be terrorism with the gay games ( and other) - as a rational for hate - in tremont - cleveland - akron etc. -

many many many real security cameras must be located now - if not at least dummy cameras -

 all security personal activated and many city county state federal private non-security personnel given temporary  security power - stop and frisk must be done - all citizens to be pleaded with to be heroes and report and or prevent mass murder from bombs shootings etc. - all canine police miltary etc. officers and security canines and citizens with pro-active canines must be activated - its better to have a  few false positives than a few incidents of large numbers of murders -

note: our intel - i'm a journalist - pastor i-we use astrology - cycles - etc.  i receive about 500 to 1,000 emails a day from all walks of life - predictors etc. - social media - other media - sophia my great service k-9 - and i walk-drive around almost ever day and gleam what is happening - sophia channels her esp to me - i'm a united states armed forces veteran that did-does intel - analyst - remote viewing etc. - i'm 74 august 5 - i receive a lot of channeling from present and passed over enities - i-we have no date or place to be precise at this time - our blog receives over 4 millions reads with about 3,000 posts with very helpfull life saving information - i-we have red alert warned of earthquakes - disasters etc. - see our blog for many examples i-we pay attention to the signs and omens of other species that warn humans - at this time there is a cycle of hostile forces - war - anger - as we can tell from the news - so common sense dictates we all have to do a better job in protecting each other - peace - cheers - sophia and guy

cheers - sophia - guy


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