Reasons to be thankful...

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Snowy night

Recently, Charles Michener, NEO's favorite prodigal son, raconteur and bon vivant, penned an ode to living in NEO, which was published in the Plain Dealer. 

Today, I have to give thanks for the fact that I live in a community that allows me to appreciate the magic of the seasons without ever having to get into an infernal machine--to enjoy the stillness of a snowy night.

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Trying to be happy in F%$# up CLE

Even, ever CLE-optimist, promoter and raconteur Charles Michener gets the treatment... at the PD:


Around noon today in response to a comment by Thomas Fladung of the Plain Dealer (below), I posted a lengthy comment on what I felt was missing in Steve Litt's report this morning on events that led to David Franklin's resignation. It was published and several friends emailed me to say they'd read it and appreciated its thoughtfulness. The post has now been mysteriously removed.


Charles Michener

Contributor to the Plain Dealer

Former Senior Editor at The New Yorker and Newsweek

 With all due respect to the Plain Dealer's desire to run a "complete" story with the museum chairman's version of these events, his reply and Steve Litt's story are anything but complete. 1) Why did the trustees allegedly learn of the police report four months after the fact and who alerted them to it? Surely, the suicide of a young woman whose relationship with David Franklin was well enough known to the trustees to have prompted an investigation would have aroused the trustees' worst suspicions, or at least prompted them to ask David Franklin what he knew of the suicide. What did he tell them then? And wouldn't the police have reported to the museum his presence in Ms. Gaston's apartment? What did the trustees do then? 2) Mr. Franklin's inappropriate relationship with Ms. Gaston, a recent former staffer, was known well before her death. The fact that he had moved out of his family house and taken an apartment of his own was also known. Why did the "lawyer" (why unnamed?) who reportedly conducted an investigation into this messy - and potentially damaging - situation allegedly take Franklin's denials at face value. (What does Mr. Kestner mean by "dating relationship?" What century are we living in?) The shocking suicide of a significant person in Cleveland's cultural community, affiliated with two prestigious institutions, became publicly known almost immediately after it happened.The Plain Dealer had to have been institutionally blind and deaf not to have heard about it, especially given Eggers' position on the board. For the paper not to have printed the story as news, nor even to run an obituary of Ms.Gaston, raises the clear suspicion that there was an orchestrated effort by the museum and the paper to keep the incident and its ramifications away from the general public. Finally, where was the awareness in all this - by the museum, by the Plain Dealer - that the Cleveland Museum of Art is run by the trustees and the director for the public good? That questions about the director's character, his fitness for the job are ultimately a public - not private - matter. What could be more serious than that he was directly involved, however innocently, in the tragic death of a young woman?

Mr. Charles Michener getting a taste of the RealCle

 Why anyone would post anything at the Dirty Dealer web site - or write to the Dirty Dealer - is beyond me.   

For years we have all been aware that the Dealer plays dirty...removing unpleasant comments which don't comport with the Dealer's deals with the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Forest City & folks, Cleveland Foudation, Cleveland Clinic/University Circle OPPORTUNITY CORRIDOR LIES, etc, etc.

For Mr. Michener, the Dirty Dealer's  removal of Michener's probing comments - regarding the manner in which the Cleveland Museum of Art manuevered  the Mr. Franklin disaster - should be a healthy wake up call for Mr. Michener.    

Wake UP Cleveland, the Dirty Dealer is malevolent and is a major facilitator of Cleveland's continued demise. 


And Steve, are you a PR prostitute or a reporter?   

Not so Warm and Fuzzy in Cleveland anymore, eh Charles?