Question As To Whether Real Neo.US Has Become A Censorship Website That Limits Front Page Posts

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 I am questioning whether RealNeo.US is now a censorship website where front page posts are now limited to those that are in power with the website Board of Directors. It appears that free speech is now being censored and articles for instance on foreclosure mortgage fraud that identify Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid and White judges like Cuyahoga County Judge John O'Donnell doing in the community are denied front page coverage.

Who decides whether posts go to the front page and what is the decision based upon? Is the process fair or is it an attempt to chill free speech? If the latter is true, I no longer want to post here. If posts are improper they can simply be removed from the front page, but to now limit front page posts, seemingly for establishment types, is not right.


Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman

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As someone who has written for RealNEO for several years, and has written in many other publications and blogs, there are certain things I want in an outlet. Other than basic competence, number one is civility among the folks participating in this outlet.

When conditions become such that an outlet is swallowed in written attacks against individuals, then there is no longer a functioning outlet for me to place my work. If this situation continues, by neccessity, I walk.

If it takes a moderator to provide civility, then so be it.

If moderator does not move a certain article to the top because it might expose malfesance by someone or some entity, then someone who thinks this should be exposed needs to do what Roldo Bartimole did. Remember, he left this blog because of uncivility. Check out

 I belive that people can

 I believe that people can grow around this issue. Chilling free speech is done so frequently that even scholarly types sometimes slip up. It is also about the intelligent use of power, something that comes over time and is not learned overnight.

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also read roldo

 Also read Roldo at the Cleveland Leader. Roldo contributes on a regular basis.

Keep at it!

Keep at it!

 I have alwys admired

 I have always admired Roldo's writing, and I like Mansfield Frazier too, my old editor at the Call and Post Newspaper.  Kathy Wray Coleman


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I don't think that the format change was intentional.  Good point to notice--a work in progress.   I have posted to my blog, too and it's not showing up on the front page.