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This is a odd and most unusual post for me to put out but I guess stranger things have happened.

Last night I attended a ED/LRP meeting at Tremont West Development Corp.  I don't really know what happened, maybe is has something to do with that old saying "when pigs fly," but for the first time since I've been going to that committee meeting they had all their ducks in a row. 

Progress reports and up-dates on a number of issues that have been the center of major concerns clearly indicated that resident voices are being heard.

1.  The 807 Jefferson off-street parking facility that will house 64 spaces in NOW finally underway and a completion date of late August is expected.  This lot will provide 32 private spaces for Tremont Lofts and 32 for public parking. (WOW)

2.  It looks like Fahrenheit might possibly be obtaining a Final Certificate of Occupancy.  (According to Sammy Catania) And after about six years, it's about time.

3.  Award winning 806 Wine Bar owners will be going to BOZA for a review.  Applications have been filed.

4.  A meeting is scheduled with Tremont Mont School - to discuss the possibility of leasing the school parking lot for extra parking.

5.  Discussions and possible agreement between the Library and TWDC for use of their 14 spots is in the works - (makes sense, since the libraries are in need of money) Let one of the business owners pay to use the lot.

6.  Extra parking behind Lucky's is being discussed and a proposal from Sutton is expected next week.  (behind St. Theodocious Church over on Starkweather) 

7.  Union Gospel Press is waiting for funds - for a possible 2 tier deck on the corner of Jefferson and Thurman. 

8.  The Istanbul Restaurant proposal to put a restaurant in a house on Professor which would extend back into the Thurman Alley residential area will be up for discussion at the South of Jefferson Block Club Meeting on Tuesday, August 11.  The committee consensus was that since so many residents are opposing the proposal that if the people say no, they will not support the idea.   I do have it on the word of a number of residents in Thurman that Councilman Cimperman has promised that this establishment in a residential area will not take place.

9.  Strategic Neighborhood Planning for Out-door recreational facilities in the neighborhood actually got on the table and a sub-committee is being put in place  to follow through.  Many residents will be happy to hear this since it would be great to have some beautiful pocket parks throughout the area.  Larry Cornett's hard work will be acknowledged and taken seriously at last.

10.  The Good Neighbor Agreement signed by Giancarlo (Dante's Restaurant) and St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church is in effect and the conditions agreed to will be taken care of near the end of the construction work on the restaurant itself.  Many residents on College Avenue were excited to hear that the necessary preparation for the church lot will be taken care of before it can be used as off-street parking for Dante's Restaurant.  (For Dante's employee parking and if valet parking is necessary, a security guard will be on the premises).

It seemed to have finally sank in that before any further commercial businesses can open up, parking must be addressed and resolved.  That the business owners will have to accept that they may have to all contribute to the expense of liability insurance, security, leasing and/or construction of parking facilities.

It was also addressed that new businesses coming into the neighborhood would be compliant from the get-go and that all of the current businesses would become compliant.

I guess one way to look at it from a business owners view is , if you don't get in line and obtain the proper and necessary permits/variances, you could be let out in the cold when it comes to claiming your share of the parking availability.

All in all, it was a great meeting and I have to say that Sammy Catania seemed to actually acknowledge that it's time to get it right.  Chris Garland even seemed to be on the same page.  I understand that Sammy, Tim and Henry Senyak were responsible for getting the Agenda up to speed.

Maybe a little birdie whispered in their ears - but whatever the motivation was, I'm just happy to see that the leaders and the residents are talking and things are beginning to happen and if the residents continue to speak out maybe there will be no more rubberstamping and a much wished for quality of life for many can begin to return to this area.

If this type of activity, interest and communications could continue, the progress and success would grow by leaps and bounds.  I think you might see some happier people in the neighborhood.  However, one good meeting is not going to fix everything but it is a great place to start. 








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I thought I might clear it

I thought I might clear it up just so there is no misunderstanding with the Progress in Tremont post I put out earlier.

I still stand my ground on the issues I've blasted in the past - but I am a firm believer that if I can stand up and shout and scream when I don't see things being done and,  Lord knows I've screamed a lot in the past year,  I should also have the plunk to open my mouth and say something good when I see some effort starting to emerge regardless of who, how or what got the ball rolling.

If help is beginning to trickle down to some of these long-time residents, that's all that matters and it is a good thing that some of these people reap some rewards.


Stand your ground

 Good luck with TWDC...I hope you are not getting set-up.  Am I too cynical?

No more cynical than I.  I

No more cynical than I.  I never said I trusted anybody.  I just wanted to acknowledge that for whatever reason, the winds have shifted.  Now, I do know of a rumor going around that they had a little help in being thrust in the right direction, if that's the case and I heard right, the riot act was read in no uncertain terms, so giving that be as it may, it is still a positive thing and I can swallow enough pride to say that I saw some improvement - which in this particular case is a giant step forward.

With all that's at stake, I can't see any body going back on their word as far as these projects are concerned, since so many were present last night and a lot of it was put in writing and can be validated through public records.

I'm going to hang out on this limb for a bit and give the benefit of the doubt.




I am glad to hear of a good meeting. Expect both good and bad for the future and you will be realistic.

I applaud you being a reasonable adult and giving credit when credit is due. Go, Jerleen!


Debbie Webb

Great News for Tremont! Best Wishes!

My salute to everyone involved in this progress! God Bless all of the collaborative efforts for the best interests of the community at large!!!!