Pat Robertson Blames Haiti Earthquake on Pact with Devil...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 16:02.

Basically, his thinking goes, the people of Haiti brought an earthquake (and all else bad in their land) upon themselves because they made a pact with the devil, to escape slavery to the French. He says, ever since those Haitians revolted against the French, the Devil has been at work... and voila, another disaster.

And he probably believes himself, and millions believe him...

My opinion, Haiti was made a slave nation by the Europeans, ruined, left a mess by the French, and has been punished by the Europeans, including we European Americans, ever since... like for Cuba, but worse.

Robertson - you are the antichrist.

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disaster evangelism

If you have read Naomi Klein's Disaster Capitalism, you know the context in which the title of this comment came to me as I saw this announcement pop up on my web browser.

Robertson has long since placed his full bet on rapture... good luck with that Mr. Robertson.

As usual, Democracy Now has the other side of the story today Haiti Devastated by Largest Earthquake in 200 Years, Thousands Feared Dead

I heard Clinton

 on NPR coming home. He's deeply saddened by this tragedy. BUT, when he was asked if this is going to just be too much to take, given Haiti's desperate economic plight (thanks WTO and IMF) he visibly brightened up (even for radio) and said - oh no! now we have the chance for a green economy!!! 

I just thought Katrina.

Its sad how "natural" disasters open the door for loss of power to the indigenous people. New Orleans topography was devastated by oil drilling and its levies by national neglect. Haiti's topography has been devastated by WTO and IMF policies.

Does this give the world money brokers a firmer foot hold? Or will the people of Haiti really revolt his time?



Thank you Europeans

Disrupt IT

on Pat Robertson

Now that Norm says that his teen daughters read realneo, I feel that I must restrain myself until Norm lays out what is ok for teen brains. In the meantime, I will just nicely ask : will Pat Robertson and all of his hate just ever cease to be? 

dawg Pat, say it ain't so

Let us all bow our heads and pray to St. Andreas, it's his fault!

Dear Pat, why do we waste our time looking to you for wisdom, please, if you don't really know, say so, then say nothing. Where are the thousands in funds you influnce to help your fellow humans and fellow Christians? In all your years as a Christian, you should know by now the devil works through humans, as does God. Humans are the battle ground, the turf.

Your statistical analysis of history with a so-called heavenly perspective has never reflected the love and grace of God. There are thousands of God lovers in Haiti. It is not God's punishment, it's man's unbridled opportunistic greed, arrogance and neglect. History shows which men are doing devil's work, they don't need a pat Pat, just opportunity.

Why would God crack the sky or shake the earth to threaten and kill innocent and God fearing people? Why would he do this and not stop the history of abuse by other peoples on the people of Haiti? Pat, do you think by wiping out the whole island of Haiti a death blow to the devil's kingdom was dealt? Why not just wipe out New York, Chicago, California, Los Vagas or Cuba? One mighty earth quake would take care of Al-qaeda, God knows where they hide.

Are you talking about rounding up and caging all who escaped slavery as if slavery was santioned by God? I have a great uncle who escape American slavery, made it to Canada. You Canadians should sense shaky ground. Gee Pat, you sound more like a supremeist than a Christian to me. Pat, you should repent, recant, appologise and send money.