new works : winter cleveland collage

Submitted by bginley on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 23:05.

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.  ~William Blake


art.share ~>my new collages are old datebooks on wood with layers of paint & mixed media

( mixed media of coffee grounds, glaze, ashes, burning bridges, etc ) 

this week has been a whirl wind tone of white to watch and observe

how do you capture the winter wonderland around you? 



  I had a moment of pure beauty and winter magic and majesty, cross country skiing on the snow covered roads through Riverside Cemetery.   Thank you for your image.


Hi Bginley, 

Well, coincidentally I was involved in the same “imagining  winter” thought processes as you.

Your “July 16” is a bit of a tease – in contrast to winter white buildings and drab coffee colored sky.  And the “burning bridges”?  are they just the carbon in your paint – or a reference to division?

The reduction in landscape color during winter is a bit of a burden for me, so when I go out in the cold with my eyes and camera I am hungry to find color.   Today’s realneo header is  a photo collage effort to capture the iconic frozen water forms of shoeprint, icicle,  brown autumn leaf, white capped plants, and whizzing dogs and schussing kids.   

You  (or any realneo image enthusiast) might think of creating one of your pieces for a realneo header.   The header is 1000 pixels wide (images in blogs should not be that wide – 700 pixels or less for the central column of realneo) and between 150 and 200 pixels high – so your canvas width to height ratio for a header should be about 5:1.   After you have photoshoped your image for the web, log in to your blog, click create content, more,  image, in the “community of interest link”  pull down the menu to the very bottom and click on realneo header, then load your image (thumbnail) in the browse window, and pull on the corner of the “body” box to add text.   You can also click on “file attachments” to load another copy of the image to obtain a URL which you can then paste (using image insertion icon)  into the body of your text.   Once your header image is in the Realneo Header gallery, one of the realneo administrators can pull the image from “inventory” and insert it as a banner. 

I feel Realneo really should have a new banner every day. 

 This is a difficult schedule to meet however, because though I very much enjoy the process, banners do take a bit of time to make.    If there are “spare” banners waiting, ready-to-use, in the header image gallery, this will make it possible for new headers to visually welcome, inform, challenge, and inspire realneo users everyday.

Thanks in advance!

the tease

i will consider making banners for ReaLNEO with my art, I do think you should post those instructions to the general RealNeo team. 

these recent pieces are created using pages from a datebook during a very productive, profitable time in my life with lots of activity, doodles and unconscious scribbles. This collage surface creates a platform to re-create the current state of being that is today - my view from an old factory of a greying downtown dying slowly sketched out over the former years of success....july 16 i went to blossom to see a triple bill of the furs,gogos & b52's for free and fell asleep on the history is covered in paint, coffee and ashes, only creeping thru to remind and reflect of better days...the dead downtown from the burned bridges stands stoically as the cigs and caffeine whirl the only energy left around the grey modular concrete peak...

more on my flickr here - they are in process and will change over time

You can actually create your own theme

I love your collages - we have one of the Flats at home

Not only do I encourage you to create a realneo header, but we can set up a new theme with your header and more, which you may change whenever you like - your menu layout - your blocks - and realneoi members will have the option of chosing various themes including your from their profile.

I'd love for a local artist to explore what may be done with the themes of realneo and you certainly are a very real NEO artist.

Let's get together on this... I need to connect with Gary too...let me know where and when... norm [at] realneo [dot] us

Disrupt IT

I'll second that request, Bridget

I thought the same thing as Norm when you posted that skyline sketch.

As well, I'll gladly slice up a graphic page design into HTML/CSS/Drupal template components for the site.

That offer is too good for a real NEO artist to refuse

We should open this discussion and the process up to others interested in how to develop new themes for REALNEO, based on the art of individual local artists, starting with Bridget Ginley, if she likes.

The interesting thing is that by reprogramming what displays how and where, on the Ginley theme, when a visitor selects it as their theme their experience on realneo may be completely different than now - the content may be all Ginley, from image galleries to blog - RSS - personal polls and forms... I'm not even sure how it is defferent from an organic group, other than the approach to the result.

Should we set Ginley up as an organic group in the process?

Disrupt IT



BGinley @ Lucky's

Bridget's paintings cover the walls this month, softening edges in Tremont's Lucky's Cafe.

Bridget Ginley's artwork at Lucky's Cafe

Come check them out; take a coffee, pastry, and hopefully a painting home with you.

Nice surroundings to work within; I've just spent a whole day here.
Slushing home, soon.

Lucky's Cafe

Jeff - thanks! i  nearly droveOVR u picking up art from Dana at Asterisk tonite round 8 - i appreciate the plug - Lucky's has the best Brunch every weekend. I am most happy to hang when paired with good cuisine