NEW City Program! CTAPS - Cleveland Tree Assistance Program for Seniors (60+)

Submitted by Joe Cimperman on Wed, 09/02/2009 - 08:11.

I just received applications and information for a  NEW City program for Seniors (60+). 

The Cleveland Tree Assistance Program for Seniors (CTAPS) in partnership with the Department of Aging, Parks/Rec and Properties and Community Development has a new short term program to assist seniors with limited income with hazardous tree and branch removal.  This program has been made possible through funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Please contact my office for more information/applications.  The Department of Aging will be adding the forms to their website within the next few weeks @

Please help get this information to seniors in need!

Application can be mailed, delivered or faxed to:
Mary McNamara
Cleveland Department of Aging
75 Erieview Plaza, 2nd Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Fax: 216-664-2218

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Joe Cimperman (216-215-6765 / joecimperman [at] gmail [dot] com)

My assistant Amanda Dempsey can be reached at 216-215-3143 / ward13cleveland [at] gmail [dot] com

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Is this available to disabled residents

 By any chance, is this available to disabled residents as well?

It says on the application it is available to disabled

THis is a good program.

Do you know what the city does with the wood and chips they collect from various tree programs and services?

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Useful information

Thank you, Councilman Cimperman, for the useful information--especially timely given Norm Roulet's recent post on storm damage in NEO.

Community Emergency Response Training:

Rick Pollack raised my awareness to the CERT program in Cuyahoga County.  How does the City of Cleveland plan to train residents?

I really think that libraries and schools figure should figure into the training, but that's just me...anyone else?

Income limits?  Does anyone

Income limits?  Does anyone have the income limits for the tree removal program.  No sense to share the information with people who will not qualify.  Thanks.

See the PDF linked with Councilman Cimperman's posting

See the PDF linked with Councilman Cimperman's posting for the details - I pasted them below with the income requirments...

2009-2010 Cleveland Tree Assistance Program for Seniors(CTAPS)
The Cleveland Department of Aging in partnership with the
Department of Parks, Recreation and Propertiesand the
Department of Community Developmenthas a newshort term
program to help seniors with limited incomeswith hazardous tree
and branch removal on their personal property.
— Must circle the size of their family on the chart below
— Must be a low income Cleveland seniorhomeowneror an adult
18-59 with a disability 
— Mustreside inand own a single or two family home
— Tree of concern must be on the applicant’s property

(circle one)
1 $15,900
2 $18,100
3 $20,400
4 $22,700
5 $24,500
6 $26,300
1.  COMPLETE THE APPLICATION on the reverse side.
2.  PROVIDE PROOF OF OWNERSHIP (Copy of water bill or deed)
This program is funded with HUD funds which target low income families based on
total household income. Therefore, participants must verify current yearly
household income.
-Social Security Statement-1-800-772-1213 to request proof
-If currently employed, two (2) current paycheck stubs
    - If unemployed, copy of unemployment benefits
4. Submit application with supporting documentation to Cleveland Department of Aging
at 75 Erieview Plaza,2ndfloorCleveland OH 44114 or fax to 216.664.2218. Please call us
at 664.2833 if you need assistance in completing the application.
5. A home visit will be scheduled to assess tree.
6. Parks, Recreation and Properties will determine tree’s health and safety risk. Issues
related to tree roots are not addressed by this program.


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Thank you Norm.  And sorry,

Thank you Norm.  And sorry, I missed the link that Councilman Cimperman posted.  I jumped the gun. 

Thanks Norm!

Thank you Norm for posting text from attachment! I just signed on to do post the details.

dbra and ward14resident, have all your questions been answered? Don't hesitate to call or email with any additional questions. 

Joe Cimperman

They have

Joe - Thanks!

I have a neighbor who has been complaining about an old mulberry tree for years. I will definitely pass this on!

Nice to see you here

It is wonderful to see this diverse community communicating and sharing insight openly. That has always been the purpose of realneo.

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an adult 18-59 with a disability - must be a mistake - older

an adult  18-59 with a disability  - must be a mistake  - there are older folks you know with trees

unless their talking about the age of the tree-

unless "they " sliped with the age limited for life of a senior and any older ones will be terminated with  the trees-

i know - when 'they" come to look at the tree(s) their realy looking at us seniors-

and anyone over 59 "they" plant us in the ground as they kill the tree-


the movie "soil and green" - were they made food of us-

the new health care rumors you know-

i'm 68 and yogi is older - should we head for canada joe-

yogi and guy

I think the senior category covers over 59 for all

It does seem unnecessary to specify an end age for disabled at the start of being senior, which I think is what they are saying here. I'm sure disabled is covered forever.

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