Looking for HOPE in Cleveland

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The landscape is a source of inspiration.  Here are some photos meant to inspire on a dreary Monday morning for the world and NEO.

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What a dream

I'm inspired!  These images are absolutely beautiful.


  Somewhere between rural and urban, we need to find that middle ground.  Thanks Eternity.  These photos were taken en route back to Ohio  from Frostburg Md along Rt. 76 in Pennsylvania.

The cultivated landscape

Growing food, wood, harvesting wind and protecting our waterways--becomes an electronic network for sharing these resources.  This is happening in rural Western Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  There is also a growing appreciation for the music, the art and folk culture that has endured in the mountains.  And, also a less divisive coming together of these families.

Ironically, the Gates name pops up here in NEO and in the Frostburg, Cumberland region.  If we all go back far enough, we are related, and we are family.  We may fight, but we still have to take care of each other.

Canada is looking good

But so are the mountain communities that have survived on self-reliance for so long:


Mountain City Traditional Arts
Meetings Every Tuesday 7pm- 8:30pm
Beginning July 14th
ALL levels of experience welcome!
Spread the word!
Bring knitting needles (size 11 recommended), yarn, & any projects





25 East Main St
Frostburg, MD


More Clouds

 BTW--that's not a shadow on the Inner Belt...