Lincoln West High School

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Here is a photo of the Metrohealth campus taken less than a block from Lincoln West High School.  I work with some of the most bright, kind, warm, funny and beautiful young  minds in Cleveland. 

Tap into this community Cleveland.  Build a sustainable community here.

Lincoln West High School.  This surface parking lot could easily be converted to urban agriculture.  There is a parking garage underneath.  The school has a running track, pool and beautiful gym inside.  The teachers and student body speak several languages and are academically strong, especially in chemistry.

Meyer Pool

Here's the City of Cleveland's Meyer Pool at the intersection of West 30th and Meyer, across the street from Lincoln West High School.  Metrohealth staff could and should be swimming here for their health and the health of the community. 

Sadly--the City of Cleveland will soon lose another great high school complex --John Marshall High School --slated for demolition by the corrupt powers that be in NEO.  After the high school football season--of course.


That's an awesome idea!

Urban gardens (reposted)

 Thanks Angel--perhaps one of the council candidates will run with it?!  I swam at Meyer Pool yesterday with about five other people (kids who don't know how to ride a bike or to swim--by design).

 Later, the pool got more traffic, but, early on, it is not so crowded and I can swim laps. The water is crystal clear and filtered.  I observed the Meyer staff checking chlorine levels regularly.  It's a shame that more kids don't know how to swim--we need to encourage swimming as exercise. 

Meanwhile, I look over at the heat sink parking lot at Lincoln High school, which gets full sun all day and which has an ample water supply, and I only wish that we could re-institute city gardens at every school in Northeast Ohio.  Some of the next schools on the districts demolition agenda?  John Marshall High School and Benjamin Franklin School.


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my home is across from a CMSD heat hole

 in the summer it is a big fat oven and in the winter the lake winds pick up speed across it. it does nothing to damper dust and dirt and contributes 0 to the environment. they have no use for a blacktop parking lot the size of an entire block, so they rent it to the near-by parochial school as an additional parking lot (in the BEST interest of CMSD students, I'm sure). Meanwhile the kids have absolutely NO green space and play on a deteriorated rubber padded "playground" with one tiny tree to offer marginal shade in the hot summer sun waves of heat radiating off the blacktop.

they are in the process of tearing the school down and building a new one (it was only 50 some years old, but it didn't have an elevator to the second floor so that was their solution) and we will see if they include anything green in the new plans. 

now is the time for CMSD to be progressive...

How 'bout it Eugene?

how 'bout it Frank?

Area around Lincoln HS and Meyer Pool

Sunday, August 16, 2009 I drove past the area of Lincoln High School and Meyer Pool on my way home from church.  What I saw was uncut lawns and a lot of trash strewn around the homes, lawns, sidewalks, and street curbs.  It looked dreadful.  What kind of message does having such an untidy area surrounding a school and a pool give to anyone who might be considering moving into the area? 

Anyone up for getting a group of volunteers together to get out there and clean up the area?


You're on

I will help you.  Even if only two of us, we can make a difference.  I have rolling cans, recycle bags, all the stuff we need.  Less typing/more action.  Kate  ps:  email me with date you want to do. 

Okay...and thank you. The

Okay...and thank you.

The least we can do is get the trash picked up.  If nothing else it will show that somebody cares.

CMSD and Metro

 Norm outlines some of the strategy that has been used to intentionally blight the whole area around Metro hospital. 

Despite the fact that Lincoln West is a highly functional school--the neighborhood and, sooner, rather than later, the school, is earmarked for complete demolition. 

This is the PLAN.  This is how the plan went down in Cedar Central and Slavic Village and St. Hyacinth to pave the way for the "Opportunity Corridor."

I am sorry that we live with this mentality, but, Ward 14, we are mere players on a chess board for outside interests, unless we unite and expose the scheme.

Tomorrow--the already obsolete Buhrer School opens to the public--see the plan in action.


I pick up garbage everyday

  And I am willing to help where/when I can.

Okay,Whoever wants to help


Whoever wants to help let's set up a tentative date and time.  This Friday,  August 21, 2009 at 6 PM. 

I will bring myself and some black trash bags.  I drive a 1995 Ford Explorer and I will park as close as I can to the area between Lincoln High School and Meyer pool.  Starting at 6 PM will let anyone who works still have time to help; and it might be a bit cooler at that time.  Bring gloves and garbage bags if you have some. 

Does anyone know if I need any type of permit or if I need to notify any of the city officials to be there picking up trash?  I don't want to break the law. 

if you are arrested

If you are arrested for picking up trash, we will throw a bail ball event and raise the funds to get  you released.


It's a deal

Thank you Debbie.  I will hold you to it...not that I plan to get arrested. 


Lincoln West High School MIX

 Dbra-for your benefit and for Brian Cummins benefit, I am reposting this letter I received from Rick Nagin (see below).  I am grateful for this letter and I applaud Rick Nagin for saying what has needed to be said for a long time.   If we do not acknowledge the need for engagement--especially in addressing our schools--we will never move forward. (And, I haven't cast my ballot, yet).

I appreciate your suggestion to mix up the age groups.

The opportunity exists to improve intergenerational relationships at our parks, our schools, our libraries, within our religious communities--everywhere.  Our safety forces, especially, have to reengage with the neighborhood.  I would be hard pressed to find many police officers, firefighters and EMS workers who actually live in Ward 14.  Please engage.  Station 20 officers hole up in their station, when they have the opportunity to talk with residents on the street and even engage the teens in a game of hoops (the station has a court--Metrohealth also has an outdoor basketball court for staff). 

The newly defined  Ward 14 especially has the potential to work as an intergenerational community--because it ATTRACTS an immigrant population as the starting point for their life here in AMERICA.  The goal of the next councilperson and the MAYOR of Cleveland, should be to ATTRACT and retain IMMIGRANTS.  I haven't run any demographics, so this claim may be off--but I would GUESS that the new Ward 14 is one of the most balanced neighborhoods in terms of age distribution from young to old.

Ward 14 also has employers--notably Cleveland Metrohealth.*  Why do we NOT take advantage of this potential?

(A shared work program with Lincoln West and Rhodes High School does exist, but is not widely understood--to my knowledge it mostly places special needs students in housekeeping, but PLEASE--we need information here Metrohealth.  Dispute my impression, please).

Dear Friends,

As you may know Lincoln West is going through a crisis.  Due to some bad decisions by the School District, problem children, in some cases connected with gangs, were dumped this year from overcrowded high schools around the district into Lincoln West which had space.  This has resulted in violence as various groups have vied for dominance and has attracted others looking for trouble when school opens or lets out.  

The Second District, under the outstanding leadership of Commander Keith Sulzer, and the School District Security have responded in force providing security and arresting trouble makers on daytime curfew and other charges.  As a result, things are settling down.

But the situation is still tense.  I met with Principal Marilyn Cargile, a veteran administrator, who is in her first year at Lincoln West.  I feel very confident that she is handling things with great competence, firmness and dedication to the children, but she badly needs community help.   

The immediate need is for hall monitors -- parents and concerned residents who will simply be present to maintain calm and reassure the children, 95% of whom are there for an education, that they have the support of the community.  She also needs tutors, especially Spanish speakers, and male mentors who can steer problem children away from gang activity.  Please urge groups you belong to such as churches, scout groups, block clubs 
to volunteer at this particular moment as well.

Those who can volunteer, even for an hour, should call Nancy Morales, the school's community liaison, at 631-1505.

This crisis can be turned into an opportunity to strengthen Lincoln West.  This school is the crown jewel of Ward 14.  Let's pitch in and make it shine!

Rick Nagin

Paid for by Friends of Rick Nagin, W. Pallotta, treasurer, 3706 West 42nd St., Cleveland OH 44109

Nagin has his priorities right

 and he's not a suck up.

which is why I endorse him.

Lincoln West High

If the trouble is truly because of an influx of students from outside the neighborhood, then we must demand their immediate removal from the school. CMSD does not have the right to bring this kind of violence into our neighborhood.

The Cleveland School District has been a primary contributor of decline in our neighborhoods for my entire life.

If CMSD cannot educate students then they should be shut down. The majority of Cleveland students already attend private schools and all of us pay for CMSD in addition to tuition.

Constantly pouring money and energy into the bottom of the heap has not and will never produce bright minds. Rewarding bright minds will! Money should be spent on bright kids.

Now we as residents are supposed to stick our faces into the middle of a gang fight because of the school district's continued negligence and incompetence. Nonsense. Remove those students now. Send them back to wherever they come from. Ward 14 has become a dumping ground from every surrounding ward - Ward 13, 15, 17 have been pushing out their poor into Ward 14 and now Sanders is dumping east side trouble onto our streets.

Ward 14 has no leadership.


No further comment on this

No further comment on this topic?  Why was this dropped like a hot potato? Has the problem been resoloved?  Does anyone know what is happening with this issue?  I think this is important as the well-being of the students that attend Lincoln West High School is at stake.  This is not something that should be swept under the rug and forgotten. 

lincoln west

 This has not been resolved and people are needed very much. The day after this was posted on realeno, the situation got worse, and while the police were out in force, it is a band aid.  These are kids, kids with problems that the school district really screwed even more by this dumping into one school and not giving the school what it needs. They need more staff, mediators, security, and community involvement. I don't know about you, but I am not thinking that the CMSD is going to address this in a proactive way.

Commander Sulzer

 Commander Sulzer of Second District Police has a brother who teaches at Lincoln West.  I don't want to put him under scrutiny at CMSD, but Second District has inside knowledge of what is going on at Lincoln West.  I don't want to exaggerate the situation here.  It's not good, but there are extremely capable staff at Lincoln West.  The introduction of students that do not live in the neighborhood is extremely suspicious and the practice should stop now.  Administrators are to blame here. 

Any student from any school,

Any student from any school, in an ideal world, would be able to attend any school in the USA and be accepted and receive a quality education.  But, this is not an ideal world, so this does not happen.  Whatever happened to alternative schools that had the staff, the training, and the resources, to deal with troubled students?  Years ago my sister's son had difficultly adjusting and he was removed from the 'regular' school system and placed in an alternative educational setting.  He thrived in that environment and grew up to be a contributing citizen.  Some students just need special help and if it is provided they can succeed.  My nephew is an example of that success.  Do alternate educational facillities exist today in the CMSD?  It has been a long time since my youngest son graduated from Lincoln West High School so I am out of touch with what is going on in the system.  But, one thing is certain, all of these children deserve a quality education. 

any student

Yes, all students are entitled to a good education. I don't know if special needs kids are being "mainstreamed" these days in CMSD or having their real needs met. We have a lot of good teachers in our system but they should be able to teach, all kids should be able to get through their school day without fear of other students, and people living nearby should not have to stay inside when school lets out and the factions fight it out on the street. 

You are so right.  I feel

You are so right.  I feel so lucky that I was able to go to school in a safe environment.  I went to a Catholic school back in the day when catholic children were able to go to Catholic schools even if their parents could not afford to pay.  There was no such thing as security guards, and no metal detectors, and no police guarding the perimeter of the school.  I can only imagine what it must be like for the students that have to endure this type of school setting.  It has to be horrible for them.  No wonder so many Cleveland Public School children do not graduate from this type of system.  I really feel bad for the students that have no choice of educational settings.  It is really up to the community to demand that the schools provide a safe place for all the students so they can have access to a quality education. 

setting kids up to fail

 By placing kids from different factions (or gangs) into one building and the solution is a police solution, the only possible outcome is failure. I am very frustrated by this. The CMSD is putting the kids, the staff and our police in a bad situation, a lose-lose outcome.

Commander Sulzer was appointed

 Commander Sulzer was appointed by the mayor - so keep in mind that regardless of what he may think, he has to appease Action Jackson.

Also keep this is mind when voting on issues 5 and 6.

We can see how appointed positions work in the police department - it politicizes everything and demoralizes the officers out on the beat. And it makes Commanders like Sulzer less responsive to community needs and more to the demands of the mayor and his agenda.

anyone see the big picture yet?

Lincoln West

The school needs community involvement until the CMSD gets their act together (if they ever will). For anyone who can help, the contact info is Nancy Morales, the school's community liaison, at 631-1505. 

lincoln west

This school still needs involvement from the community. Things are quieter as students have been suspended and the colder weather probably helps. A couple of questions, though for andrew2, just to help me put the above posting into context regarding W. 14 being a dumping ground. How long have you lived here, and what do you think of charter schools? Ok, one more question would be the reference to W. 13, 15, and 17 dumping the poor; how did you arrive at that and what would you do with the poor?

lincoln west

This school still needs involvement from the community. Things are quieter as students have been suspended and the colder weather probably helps. A couple of questions, though for andrew2, just to help me put the above posting into context regarding W. 14 being a dumping ground. How long have you lived here, and what do you think of charter schools? Ok, one more question would be the reference to W. 13, 15, and 17 dumping the poor; how did you arrive at that and what would you do with the poor?

What children from what

What children from what schools were 'dumped' at Lincoln West High School?   How does the CMSD get away with doing something like this?  Who made this decision?  What schools were cleansed of the 'problem children'?  Why was Lincoln West used as a dumping ground? 

How are children supposed to learn in an environment like the one described?  This is unacceptable. 

Using Forum option

  I can't pretend that I entirely understand the Drupal formating options here--I did post an update to the Lincoln West High School situation here:

Under multiple headings--

But now it seems that as a forum topic, it has moved...?



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BBN comes to LWHS Friday 9-6 961-9073

cleaning, paint...etc



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

West 30th & Meyer...see a demo this Friday or volunteer


to help build better neighborhoods....with channel 5 news.....blessings all.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Build Better Neighborhoods

  This Friday- at Lincoln West High School --a clean up scheduled with students from the high school.  Last night, I was fortunate to meet some of the great students at Lincoln West who participate on a soccer league.  Most are from the African country of Burundi. They won in their soccer match against Parma.

This has not been widely made known in the actual neighborhood.  Thanks for calling to my attention.

Now they are talking about another demo on West 50th Street.ch5.

700-800 Vacant homes in Ward 14...


Extraordinary results after 37 years of "COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT!" 




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Pagonakis and demos and carpetbaggers

Do these demos help any of us??  What is the media trying to say?  Specifically, the media represented by Joe Pagonakis' coverage ???

I was told that the CDC was asked to create an event by the media...not the other way around...

The carpetbagger mob only lets residents see what they want residents to see and believe...DEMO the Land Bank.


Hands On is a bullsh#@t volunteer organization that was funded through the now defunct Civic Innovation Lab. The director does not live in Cleveland...

Parasitism of the "poor" the non-profit wasteland known as REALNEO.