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For approximately a century, the Cleveland Justice System was ran under the gimmick of corruption, federal tax dollar quotafication and steering of political and fiscal resources to accomodate it's big business process. The people were used to get grants, to get more grants, and to keep growing this big business which then resulted in more patronage than is possible to imagine. The entire way that anyone associated with this Justice Center thinks is skewed, corrupt, and revolves around pay to play games. It's not about what's right and wrong; it's about "who do you know?"

Over the last half century; the evolution of this cornerstone and the public servants that kept it in business has destroyed Cleveland, Ohio.

The games of Housing Court, Traffic Court, Civil Courts and Criminal Courts are a multi billion dollar industry in Greater Cleveland.

The concept of police doing target enforcement, ticketing the low income (who cannot afford tickets or attorneys) and then refusing to allow them to do community service while threatening them with jail time is absolutely unbelievable. This city and its leadership makes money via the federal government to help promote healthy programs that stabilize people who need help mitigating this court, but they don't use it most of the time. They enjoy making their quotas, allowing the police to make their overtime attending the court hearings, and keeping the little people chasing their tails.

Which area do you wish to talk about? Foreclosures, traffic, evictions, etc....? Seriously, the Legal Aid system for civil courts cannot help all the people being targeted. The public defenders are unable to make time for the 20-1 odds in need.

The leadership of Greater Cleveland needs to PUMP THE BRAKES! THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL with this methodology. They must have tunnel vision and believe that they are doing their jobs---but missing the big picture around them.

Unless of course, their goal is to continue to implode our core city with their games is actually what they are attempting to do..... How can you watch a city go from a million people to less than 400,000 and not seek answers to the core problems??? The Justice Center and the players there are at the core of the problems...and it does not appear that anyone is racing to any solutions regarding this situation.

Ultimately, where is this City and County going with the big business of this "Too big for it's britches" government that is CODEPENDENT on the quotas of people to be sustained? How much money does this local courthouse bring to the greater Cleveland economy and how much does it steer out?

So many people are intimidated, violated, and threatened with jail if they cannot afford the fines imposed upon them for traffic fines....Choices are minimal: pay or go to the Work House....I mean, how can a judge honestly send someone to jail for a headlight ticket? Are you fricken kidding me? How much does this county get paid for inmates at that new work house? What are the subsidies being gained by this county? Are you seriously telling me that the poor are going to be continuously JAILED for being unable to keep up with the demands of this town????

Something needs to give. Allow these small people to do community service and rebuild our community. Let them get skills and training. Be a part of the solution--not the problem. Stop using these indigent people to climb staircases and get bigger paychecks. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Provide relief from judgment for honest situations that deserve consideration. Stop herding people through your courts callously and recklessly destroying their futures because there are limited quotas to be used anymore.

It is a national disgrace to realize that our local SYSTEM is built on this mentality. Those who can cheat and afford attorneys or get help are fined more. It's amazing to sit in court and watch judges give those with lawyers more fines than those without. It's amazing to see judges be hostile with poor people. It's amazing to see public defenders talk to them all like they are bothering them. It's sick to realize that junior attorneys working as prosecutors are making decisions on people's lives without using their brains to consider anything but how to rush and hurry through the process....a 30 second review of a person's life to make a non negotiable offer. It's just a ridiculous model. It's not justice. It's intimidation, human trafficking, and disillusioning to be processed through this system.

PUMP THE BRAKES CUYAHOG A COUNTY…..give felons grants to build businesses, give jobs to clean up the streets to criminals, help them put their lives on track and be productive members of society. What’s the risk? You might actually help rejuvenate the little people and inspire them to be proactive in caring about this town? Seriously? Stop using them negatively to dehumanize them so that this court can be sustained. It’s far beyond ugly and obviously----the statistics prove it. 

The “ATTITUDE” of historical players needs to know that they are wrong and that they are no longer accepted by the majority of residents of our community. That’s why the new form of Government was implemented and the County Executive was tasked with MAJOR REFORM---to protect the people from the almighty corrupt players who still sit in countless seats in this local government.
How can we expect change if the old players get to keep intimidating, insulting, and cultivating this mentality? How can the citizens ever find relief from almost a half century of violations against them by these users? These politicians are USERS and their DRUG is the people…..the Quotas that serve the purpose of getting them more and more federal funds….

What kind of federal funds?

Welfare workers depend on the poor. Children’s Services, Juvenile Courts, Child Support, Work House, Public Defenders, Administrative Staffs, Reentry Programs, Social Service Programs, and Police to all these places are all codependent on quotas…and federal monies to be sustained. There are more public service and not for profits that depend on these quotas today than regular businesses anymore in Greater Cleveland…It is a Multi billion dollar industry…… they cannot just cease to exist…but I believe that if we took all the funding used to staff and sustain those places and put it into the hands of the 400,000 left in Cleveland---they’d all be rich and the entire dynamic of Greater Cleveland would do an about face…..

No, nothing is gonna be perfect. But, you know what, this COUNTY and CITY owes the people that it has USED for decades….and something needs to change immediately with this corrupt mentality that still abuses its citizens. It’s depressing and nauseating.

Why are the little people resolving to fight, to hurt others, to steal, to do drugs, to drive without licenses, and to get violent? They are surviving in the unsustainable environment our local leadership exemplified to them. They are angry, used up, and tired of abusive practices from our local government and public servants. They are disillusioned with trying to understand what’s going on at their expense.
Leaders need to implement structural changes. Public servants and their associates need to quit treating these people as stepping stones and empower them to think differently. Until then; the local leadership continues to steer these folks in circles and the repercussions are evidenced everywhere….particularly at the Justice Center….

As a side note, I had the pleasure of bumping into good ole MR. Bill MASON at the JC today. I know it won't hit him until later exactly who he was chatting with, but it will upon reading this. I could see him trying to remember, Who is this lady? He once gave my elderly Aunt an autographed copy of his book after she begged to meet him like he was a movie star and then she cried when they got to meet because she was so humbled by his persona. The result was the humble donation of that autographed book of his which I know she cherished. He was embedded and couldn't overstep the regime of his era here in this county...now he is in private practice...all so interesting...he sure did make his stepping stones through our local government...bet any case you'd solicit him to represent regarding chasing the claims against this city and county would become a conflict of interest.... smiles.


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JUSTICE: Cleveland Style..Always a corrupt MENTALITY & ATTITUDE

What is the corrupt attitude? 

It's the belief by the perpetuators of social injustice that they have a right to violate the little people.
It's a belief that poor people don't have equal rights.

It's a belief that it's okay to tax the poor to death to sustain the big business of the local jail system.

It's a belief that the little people don't deserve to be treated with dignity and respect by the public servants.

It's a belief that these public servants can keep on punishing the poor to sustain their big government and non governmental organizations.

It's a belief that these public servants have a right to be smug, condescending, and contemptuous with the little people.

It's a belief that these public servants are GODs over the little people.

It's a belief that the public servants are above the law.

It's a belief that white collar crime is should be overlooked.

It's a belief that intimidating the little people and making them live in fear will keep and build the powers that be with the public servants.

It's a belief that these public servants continually perpetuate uninterrupted as they outgrow their Dimora Britches! 

Until that "ATTITUDE IS ADJUSTED" and HUMBLED...people will continue to be violated...

The cost of public service benefits and job packages is all one big welfare check afforded on the backs and quotas of the little people...and it's a sick master plan that cyclically adversely affects our economic structure in Greater Cleveland.


It's about time to change this attitude...and keep kicking it's behind until Greater Cleveland Residents are not violated by countless schemes that use them as tools to ascertain billions in federal funds and even more in philanthropic grants..... Public servants need to realize what role they play as part of the problem and self adjust.


Why would the little people want to change when the public servants lead by example?????? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

"Justice" Center - nexus of waste and corruption

 A few years back I spent a morning in the Justice Center.     That day I heard a Public Urination case which certainly cost the taxpayers several thousand wasted dollars.

This type of "case" gets repeated over and over and over.     Day after Day.   

Some cases cost 10s of thousands of taxpayer dollars.  

Consider the recent Appeals Court of Ohio Occupy "trespass" appeal - the City of Cleveland wasted hundreds of man hours, and tens of thousands of dollars, pursuing this stupid case up to the appeals court - only to lose with a nice slap in the face from the Appeals Court panel.  

Only once Terminal Tower and the Rock Casino have a totally enclosed National Historic Register Violating pedestrian street overpass from their casino parking garage to the casino floor, the City will be able to lift restrictions on the four quadrants of Pubic Square. 

The consistent theme with regard to the public's access to Public Square is that access has been under fire from the City at the request of the Downtown Cleveland Partnership and the Alliance.   The City is doing the bidding of the Forest City People - at the expense of the public.

First the City eliminated Bill Wagner's Brown Bag Ministry Sunday free food - which had been on the Square for 25 years.

Then Christmas Rats were rooted out.

The ultimate strategy is the overhead pedestrian tunnel - gamblers won't have to experience Public Square at all.   

Everyone will get their rights back!


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sophia honey yoga and guy - http://www.disclosureproject.com TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org

"No Truth, No Justice-No Peace!!!!"

Black on Black, Oppressed Peoples Nation, Peace in the Hood....their chants ring true....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"