On issues of race, religion, and rhetoric - how do we get to a better place?

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Okay, on to more important matters - one school of thought contends we can resolve prevailing conditions of racism and bias by simply ignoring them and focusing on the positive core and align best strengths - people, institutions, and organizations have to offer our community. When you try to function as a change agent within networks, the goal is to help manage conflict and help others see new solutions to problems together. So coming together and appreciating one another can be done in a slower way or more rapid way. Man, this is difficult at times because if you talk about this people infer you're being 'holier than thou'. And if this discussion happens between the usual suspects who are awake as can be yet still on one side of a fence or another, it is as if there is an enlightened public along opposing battle lines. It becomes tiring to sort this all out after a while, so I'd rather do what I do best - think creatively, plan strategically and write prolifically. I don't really need to have the appreciation of love of others - its ironic that I have it for everyone else, though - even those who wronged me. Venting helps, indeed. Those who have wronged me personally, by the way - you will get your comeuppance soon.

The problem with purely strength and asset based approach, cultivating the most appreciative mindsets, building positive energy and positive thinking - is that it does ignore the big elephant in the room - a persistent and prevailing attitude of segregation and possibly racism. But I've come to learn that it may not be a one-sided affair of blacks deserving to crying foul against whites. This stuff reciprocates in, often painful and disappointing ways between people of all faiths, races, religions. I have a right, without people saying I'm 'playing the race card' - to illuminate to others the realities of the situation, and how others can react to anyone or anything percieved as a threat. How do we best address and combat issues of diversity appreciation when fundamental players simply do not want to appreciate diversity?

I think you do it by showing the true economic opportunity and great Community Development opportunity in it. So it compels others to buy in and try it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - and some day everyone in this world - after i'm dead or otherwise, after the crazy rumors stop circulating, after .. after.. after - will realize it.

The Integration of Diversity Creates Newfound Value and Opportunity

Who can argue that some of the most beautiful people in the world are the products of parents of mixed heritage - case in point Barack Obama, Derek Jeter, Jessica Alba, Tiger Woods, etc. And what is beauty, anyway- we look at this external shell and marvel at it but its just a shell. It is, of course what's on the inside that counts more. We know this, and many of us are awake - but stil greedy - very greedy. And the networks that have retained wealth within and still try to will fall first. Those that reach out in a genuine, not a profiteering way, to underprivileged institutions, will do well first. The way to have any venture succeed at this point is to be true of heart and real about your desire to help the underprivileged. And then really do it.

Integrate diversity not in a greedy, capitalistic way but a heartfelt compassionate way. Save the most suffering - hard to do when others have put you in a position to suffer the most for so many years. So many years -specifically the last three or so. I want to know if the names I have in mind genuine did what they did on instruction from above. And I don't mean God. I mean the power players at the very top echelon of the world. The heads of the secret societies that really run the show. Even higher up than the CIA or the NSA. And if so, they will get their comeuppance as well. But the Truth will set not only me free - it will set everyone free. So label me with all these mislabels, know that I will prevail and we will have one world, one love. And those that were part of manipulative machinations will suffer greatly. It is all written already. I leave it in God's hands. And yes, there is most definitely, absolutely a God.

My perspective, it sure doesn't hurt to have God's grace on your side. Not one damn bit. A global balancing act is in effect - and its time to have some fun. I deserve it! We all do.

Here is how race issues can be resolved. You create a fresh start for both sides. A neutral party (like Switzerland) creates a deep level commitment from both sides to work together, learn and even profit from one another. These experiences create new levels of understanding of cultures that seem too foreign from one another. Cultures rooted in rage and fueled by hate. Cultures steeped in fear. Those barriers need to come down through trust and relationships that open up the mind and the heart and relieve previously held biases and resentments due to a few bad experiences with those of one race, faith, identity, or so forth.

In my previous revelations I was very candid about many things. And I am not afraid that sick people have set up a system to deter or stigmatize me for life. Because I will still prevail. And they who were behind it or involved in the least are living in hell right now. I just sense it.
And me? Its my time to shine...

I know it. The more they do this the more it eats away at the soul. It makes one sick. Like traumas that scar us almost permanently, it seems. In the end, its all karmically resolved.

How do you feel about the future? I can't wait.

'The Future's So Bright I Have to Wear Shades' - Timbuk 3

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